We have been made aware of potentially fraudulent activity where members of the public are claiming to represent our organisation or organisations we work with. Please click here to find out more details about these scams and what to do if you are contacted. 

Our purpose and strategy

Our mission is to be brilliant for customers every day. With powerful and trusted brands, we offer a range of products, across various channels, providing services to our customers whenever and wherever they need us.  

How we create value 

Our multi-brand, multi-product and multi-distribution channel offers different propositions for different customers, and we believe this approach helps us offer greater value for customers and sustainable returns for our shareholders.

Having the largest insurer-owned accident repair network gives us the opportunity to deliver lower repair costs and provides valuable data-led insights that can help us react to emerging trends and inform future pricing. 

Our technology transformation and agile capabilities enable several benefits such as providing greater options for our customers to access easy, digital first journeys from start to end, to developing new products, services and digital tools, to understanding the latest car tech or tackling climate change.  

Our five-pillar sustainability strategy provides a clear view of what our priorities are and what actions we can take to transform our business for the better as we look to build an insurance company fit for the future. 

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