Our vision is a world where insurance is personal, inclusive and a force for good. So, we help people carry on with their lives, giving them peace of mind now and in the future. Because that’s how we believe our business will thrive in the changing world ahead.

Our six strategic objectives set out a clear path for us to realise our full potential.

The first three aim to ensure that our products are easy to use and are available everywhere:

  • Be best at direct
  • Win on Price Comparison Websites
  • Extend our reach

The second three are underlying skills which are designed to help us deliver great value and excellent customer service:

  • Be nimble and cost efficient
  • Have technical edge
  • Empower Great people


Underpinning our strategy are some deeply embedded and fundamental principles which are central to the long-term sustainability of the business:

  • Our values. They sit at the very heart of our everyday behaviours.
  • Our customer pillars. They are the organising mechanism to drive our customer first focus. 
  • Our sustainability pillars. They bring ESG into the heart of our strategic thinking.
We are aiming for a triple win:
  • A win for DLG and those invested in its success - our shareholders and our people.
  • A win for the customer in the creation of true value.
  • And a win for society and the planet as we know our long-term success is intrinsically linked with the success of the community and environment around us.