Our strategy looks to position us as a multi-brand, multi-product and multi-channel business to enable us to meet our customers’ needs now and in the future, regardless of how and where they buy our products. Supporting this strategy is a substantial and ongoing change and investment agenda.

Our strategic pillars

We have compelling brands and multiple customer propositions and deliver a strong customer experience which we constantly evolve to meet the needs of our customers.

Our scale and data allow us the efficiency and flexibility to deliver better customer and claims service and better risk insights.

By embracing the future, we aim to shape it and launch new products and services which anticipate consumer trends so that we continue our tradition of disruptive change.

Our key enablers

We aim to harness the power of technology and the scale of our data to make things easier for our customers and our people.

We invest in our people to help them realise their potential because it leads to better customer experience and more sustainable business performance.

We maintain an appropriate level of capital and solvency to manage our customers’ pool of risks while understanding, monitoring and managing our own existing and emerging risks within carefully defined parameters.

Our multi-channel approach

The growth in Direct Line and Green Flag demonstrates that if you give customers a reason to come direct then they will, as we strive to deliver excellent value for our customers and our shareholders.

Strong brands and propositions are important but so are great prices. We are improving our effectiveness on price comparison websites through our work on pricing and in dealing with fraud, supported by our investment in latest generation IT systems.

We are leveraging our manufacturing strength through our digital capabilities to seek to develop innovative and profitable partnerships.