We are a business that aims to deliver great things for our customers through our brands and sustainable returns for our shareholders. Our strategy, which targets sustainable growth, seeks to ensure that we are forward-looking and proactive, keeping pace with technological change and the opportunities it creates for us to grow the business.

Our strategic pillars

Our customers

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, in pursuit of making insurance much easier and better value. We’ve built a reputation for delivering for our customers by regularly developing new and different ways to make our products easier and better value for our customers.

Propositions such as our Churchill Vandalism Promise, Direct Line’s Fair Claim Commitment or Fast Response are ways of making insurance easier and we’ve used training to help our people have far more empathetic and powerful conversations with our customers.

We recognise that our customers are always raising their expectations and one of our values is to "aim higher". The relationship between net promotor score ("NPS") and customer retention shows there’s a direct link between customer experience and our success as a business and that’s why this year we launched six pillars that are designed to help us identify, meet and exceed customer expectations when we make decisions and choices about how we run our business.