Protecting our customers

We help people carry on with their lives, giving them peace of mind now and in the future. Across the business we have a number of real strengths and our customers, and our people are at its heart.

Giving customers a choice of brands and channels

We know how to build brand value and have some of the most well-known brands in the UK; these are available direct, through PCWs, or via specialist brokers. We also partner with some of the UK’s most well-known banks

This is how we create value

We have a number of strengths, from strong brands to rich data and expert claims skills, that are hard to replicate and provide real long-term value. Our diversified model enables us to generate premiums from a range of brands, products and distribution channels. The premiums we collect from customers are invested in a diversified investment portfolio whilst also ensuring we can support our long-term claim commitments.


Britain’s leading private motor insurer represented through our well-known brands Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and Darwin and also through our partners1 .            


One of Britain’s leading personal home insurers, represented through our well-known brands Direct Line, Churchill and Privilege, and our partners, including NatWest Group1 .

Rescue and other personal lines

We are one of the leading providers of rescue and pet insurance in the UK. Green Flag is the third largest roadside recovery provider2 and are the fourth largest pet insurer3 .                                                                                                                


We protect commercial businesses through our brands, including NIG and Direct Line for Business


Financial Data Source: Direct Line Insurance Group plc Preliminary Results 2021


1 Ipsos 2022, Financial Research Survey (FRS), 6 months ended Jan 2022. 14,218 adults (aged 16+) surveyed across Great Britain with motor insurance, 13,280 with home insurance. Interviews were conducted online and telephone and weighted to reflect the overall profile of the adult population. Includes Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege, Darwin and partner brands: NatWest, RBS

2. Mintel Vehicle Recovery – September 2021. 

3. Mintel Pet Insurance – 2021.