Understanding what matters most to our stakeholders

We’ve always been innovators from the moment we disrupted the market in the 1980s by giving people the opportunity to buy their insurance direct. Our success comes from a breadth of expertise and relationships forged over many years. It rests on understanding the needs of the numerous individuals and organisations we interact with and how to respond to those needs. It also requires an open mind that forming new relationships and developing ways of doing things can improve how we operate.

The scale of our influence means it touches on a vast range of interests – everything from the service we offer customers, the support we provide our people, how we treat suppliers, how we deliver shareholder returns and our wider impact on society and the environment. 

Our sustainability pillars

Listening to our stakeholders

How we act as a sustainable and responsible business is critical because we believe it will make us more commercially successful in the long term. It's important to understand what really matters to our stakeholders - understand what they value, the business impact it has on the Group and how we can use this insight to build a sustainable business for the future.

By using our five pillar ESG framework we asked our stakeholders to prioritise a range of sustainability issues which we then matched  against the priorities of the business. We sought views from the business as well as a range of external stakeholders including customers, suppliers, investors, commercial partners, non-governmental organisations and policymakers that the business interacts with. We commissioned in-depth interviews and ran surveys which foccused around the perceptions of a responsible business, expectations including the most strategically important sustainability issues for the Group and future trends.

With this insight a business impact assessment was conducted where a robust assessment of risks, impacts and opportunities was considered and a significance rating was assigned for each topic. 

This highlighted the following areas as a priority:

  1. Delivering great service to all customers
  2. Communicating clearly and openly with customers 
  3. Investing in training and developing our people
  4. Supporting employee wellbeing
  5. Harnessing data and technology
  6. Protecting customers’ data
  7. Upholding good labour standards

Therefore there will be four areas we will be foccusing on:

  • Meeting customer needs each and every day
  • Investing in and supporting our great people
  • Realising the potential of data and technology
  • Understanding and managing the impact of climate change

Using this insight, alongside the other feedback we have received we will shape our five pillar ESG strategy, identify new opportunities always ensuring future decision making of the running of our business reflects all our stakeholder views.

Policies and Statements

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We have established a sound governance structure to oversee our CSR strategy and programme.

Performance Indicators

We have committed to publicly reporting our progress annually using a set of key performance indicators. We have also set a target for each indicator for the year ahead.