Our Customers

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As one of the UK’s leading insurers, we provide general insurance products to millions of customers through our well-known brands, including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and Green Flag

Our aim has always been to understand customer expectations, anticipate future trends and deliver exceptional service, underpinned by a quality claims service because this is how we hope to earn trust and customer loyalty. It is one part of how we are striving to create a sustainable business.

Our customer pillars provide a framework where we aim to live our purpose of helping people carry on with their lives, giving them peace of mind now and in the future.



Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

We are proud that our net promoter scores demonstrate a willingness of customers to recommend our Direct Line brand year on year.

You can see our performance over the last 5 years here

Mileage refunds

From the start of the pandemic we have been clear we wanted to do right by our customers and took a number of steps to address the changes seen in driving behaviour.

In 2020 - we offered refunds to all motor customers, recognising significantly reduced driving levels due to the restrictions and in 2021 we did the same again. Our Direct Line customers continue to benefit from our Mileage MoneyBack offer where our customers can get money back if they drive less than the expected mileage they registered when taking out the policy. *

For our other motor brands, Churchill, Privilege and Darwin, customers have been offered refunds which could either be paid to them or donated to charity. Our customers were outstandingly generous, and their combined donations led to significant sums being donated to Mind, NSPCC and Sepsis Trust.

* At the end of your policy year – once you receive your renewal invite – you’ll need to submit a new mileage reading. We’ll then work out how many miles you’ve driven and compare this to the estimated annual mileage on your policy. For every 1,000 miles under your annual estimate, you’ll get 2% of the cost of your insurance (excluding optional extras or interest charged on monthly payments), up to a maximum of 20%.








CONNECT Training

We have an established training programme called CONNECT that helps our consultants respond with empathy to differing customer needs, while taking responsibility and accountability. This is particularly important for customers who may be experiencing issues such as illness, bereavement, or vulnerability.             

Recognising differing customer needs

For some customers it can be difficult, upsetting or simply time consuming to disclose their vulnerability each time they are in contact with us. That’s why we ask them if they are happy to have details of how best we can support them recorded on our system. If they agree we update their record with a heart so colleagues dealing with that individual in the future know to read the details of the specific care and support that may be required. If someone says they don’t want it recorded on their file, we don’t.

Bereavement team

We have an established team of consultants who are skilled in dealing with queries when someone loses a loved one because we know that managing financial matters can be the last thing on people’s minds following a death. All queries are dealt with sensitively and in one place, to provide peace of mind at a difficult time for customers. Read more about this here 

Communicating clearly with customers

Poor numeracy affects approximately half of working age adults in the UK, according to the 2011 Skills for Life Survey. In line with our company behaviour to ‘Encourage simplicity’, this year we collaborated with Plain Numbers, an organisation which aims to change the way numbers are presented to improve comprehension, particularly for vulnerable customers. By working with Plain Numbers we aim to make our communications with customers easier to understand, so they can make more informed choices.

You can read more about this partnership here