Direct Line Group responds to the publication of the FCA’s Final Report

Direct Line Group responds to the FCA’s General Insurance Pricing Practices Final Report which sets out remedies seeking to improve outcomes for long-standing customers.

The Group has some incredible strengths from strong brands to rich data to leading claims skills which are hard to replicate and drive long-term value. In today’s world, to win market share, you need to have the ability to create new channels and products to serve customers and get them out to market quickly. Our strategy is designed to achieve this, making it easier for us to act quickly to serve our customers better.

The insurance sector operates in a highly competitive market which works well for most customers, but we have always been supportive of change to improve outcomes for long-standing customers. Not all insurance is equal and we offer a range of propositions to protect our customers, underpinned by a high-quality claims service for all customers to give them peace of mind. We want to earn our customers’ loyalty and give them a reason to stay with our brands by taking measures such as:

  • Actively reviewing customers’ renewal price when they reach their five-year anniversary with us and as a result many of our customers have seen their premiums frozen or discounted.
  • Introducing a facility where a customer can opt out of automatic renewal through our web chat service.
  • Investing in a major technology upgrade to help us make it easier for our customers to manage their protection, from the moment they think about buying a policy, managing their cover 24/7, all the way through to making a claim.

Penny James, CEO, Direct Line Group commented: “Prices should not keep rising for no reason. We want our customers to value the protection we provide and we know that in order for that to happen we not only need to be clear about pricing but also give customers reasons to stay.

“We operate in a highly competitive market which works well for the majority of customers but have always been supportive of change to improve outcomes for long-standing customers. Whilst we believe our brands, customer service and diversification mean we can thrive on any genuinely level playing field, this is clearly a substantive change to the way the market operates so we will be consulting with the FCA with the objective of ensuring the right outcomes are achieved.”


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Direct Line Group is headquartered in Bromley. Through its number of well-known brands the Group offers a wide range of general insurance products to consumers. These brands include Direct Line, Churchill and Privilege. The Group also provides insurance services for third parties through its partnership’s division, Direct Line Group Partnerships. In the commercial sector, the Group's NIG and Direct Line for Business operations offer insurance products for businesses distributed through brokers or direct, respectively.