Build Back Responsibly in association with Direct Line Group

After the impact of Covid-19 there is a need to reflect on what we have learned in the last few months and how moving forward we can implement these lessons. Working with Business in the Community we are looking at how in the light of Covid-19 businesses can move going forward. Business in the Community is the largest business led membership organisation which is dedicated to responsible business practices. They look to create a skilled and inclusive workforce, build thriving communities to work in and to push for environmentally sustainable practices in the workplace. Direct Line Group has funded the Build Back Responsibly report which aims to tackle the big issues businesses have faced following the pandemic.

The Build Back Responsibly campaign calls for more to be done by businesses to help tackle the growing challenges facing society and the planet. Having talked to 100 business leaders and 500 practitioners about the lessons learnt from Covid-19, Business in the Community has identified a number of insights and recommendations to not leave anyone behind.

What is #BuildBackResponsibly?

Inspired by the innovation and action that business has taken at pace and scale since the pandemic, the campaign is looking at the business community to seize this opportunity to tackle the growing challenges facing society and the planet. The campaign aims to inspire businesses to work together to build back bolder, faster and at scale.

To coincide with the UN’s general assembly meeting, the Build Back Responsibly campaign is launches today, 21st September 2020 and throughout the week there will events put on to discuss the future of responsible business and how we can Build Back Better.

We are delighted to be supporting these events and our Chief People Officer will be addressing ‘Covid-19: Time for business to reset and Build Back Responsibly’ where business leaders across the network will discuss actions that must be taken going forward. Direct Line Group CEO Penny James will be co-chairing ‘Driving leadership to action to Build Back Responsibly’ roundtable discussion. The aim of this event is to bring business leaders together to discuss strategy towards faster, bolder and bigger action.

Penny James, CEO, Direct Line Group, explains:

“We wanted to support this important project because at the heart of our strategy is our vision to build a world where insurance is personal, inclusive and a force for good. We want to help people carry on with their lives, giving them peace of mind for now and in the future, but we can’t do it all by ourselves.

“Being a 'Force for Good' isn't just words on a page for us, it is the driving force behind our strategy. The incredible response and subsequent success of Direct Line Group’s Covid-19 response was due to the interconnectedness of our actions and the authenticity in our purpose. It’s great to be a part of this project and inspire other leaders and organisations.”

Amanda Mackenzie OBE, CEO, Business in the Community, said:

“The challenges which 2020 has brought us have been immense. But they have also been matched by the scale of the response from businesses, who have stepped up to support their communities like never before. We should never again accept the argument that an aspect of responsible business is too hard, too big or too complex: this year has shown us that, when we act together and we have the will, we can achieve the impossible. This report is the key to holding onto that lesson as we build back.” 

For more information about the campaign or to view the report, please click here: