Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health is at the heart of our Wellbeing Strategy and ensuring our people are healthy and happy means they will have the ability to do their jobs successfully. We have trained 160 mental health first aiders who are able to provide support when times get tough.

This year Mental Health Awareness Week is all about kindness. The smallest act of kindness can turn a bad day into a good day. Now more than ever is a time when we all need a bit of a boost so we thought we thought we’d speak to our very own mental health first aiders to get some top tips on how to stay happy and healthy.

Meet Kathleen Rodger, a consultant from Ipswich

Why did you become a mental health first aider?

Nobody should feel hopeless. I struggle myself with anxiety and depression, so I understand how another person may be feeling and I also understand the complexity of mental health.

How do you look after your mental health?

Yoga help me relax and calm the anxiety of everyday life.

What is one kind thing you did recently?

I sent my friend a card with all the reasons why I thinks she’s amazing

Have you experienced any acts of kindness?

My sister made and delivered an afternoon tea box, and we had a girl’s afternoon on video call.

What are your top tips for staying mentally healthy?

Think of the mantra ‘This will soon pass’. Right now, with the world as it is, I suggest taking each day as it comes – try to avoid thinking of tomorrow or next week, just think about today and what you ant to achieve. 

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