Protecting our people

With restrictions still in place in the UK, we have to make sure we are able to keep our people feel and provide supported where needed.

At the beginning of the pandemic we moved our main operations to home working, with nearly 9,000 of our office-based staff working from home within two weeks. DLG Auto Services set up a series of measures to protect staff in our repair centres to ensure we could continue to support frontline staff and essential workers during lockdown, and we announced that we would be protecting all jobs the Group through to the autumn.

During the summer as businesses were encouraged to gradually start reopening offices for workers and so we opened our doors to a small number of people who really needed to be in the office to do their job – whether that’s because of issues with their technology, their set-up at home or personal or health-related issues. We are still encouraging people to work from home if they can but we recognise that not everybody’s situation is the same so we have conducted thorough risk assessments of all our office to insure they are Covid compliant and safe.

With the majority of people still working from home, we needed to make sure that all our office spaces were Covid compliant so those returning to the office can do so safely.

We conducted a thorough risk assessment to make all our office Covid compliant and in line the Government guidelines.

What's been done
  • All conditioning systems have been optimised to increase fresh air circulation
  • All buildings have undergone extensive deep cleans
  • 1000 additional sanitizer points have been added throughout our sites
  • Entrance and Exit routes have been changed to provide robust social distancing and a one-way system has been laid out throughout the buildings
  • All sites have temperature scanners installed at the entrances
  • Door holders are installed to reduce touchpoints
  • Regular monitoring of the number of people on site
  • Meeting rooms now have capacity limits to allow for social distancing
  • Lifts are currently closed unless you have limited mobility
  • All available desks are marked and are at least 2m apart
  • A clear desk policy will be enforced alongside an enhanced desk cleaning protocol
  • Canteens are closed but staff kitchens remain open with a one in one out policy


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