We have been made aware of potentially fraudulent activity where members of the public are claiming to represent our organisation or organisations we work with. Please click here to find out more details about these scams and what to do if you are contacted. 

It is our aim to find responsible suppliers and to treat them fairly. We conduct our supplier tendering and assessment process in an open and transparent manner and are committed to doing business with suppliers with openness and integrity and expect that suppliers will work to the same principles.

Who we are

Household Claims

Our household claims supply chain can be split into two key areas, validation and fulfilment. Fulfilment of our building claims is primarily through a network of home repair providers. Within this supply chain there is more seasonal, volume-driven and manual labour to support the service provision alongside additional subcontracted services, particularly where there is a response to severe weather events.

Our contents claims routes for validation and fulfilment include repair and replacement of household contents, including electrical goods, furniture, carpets and valuables. 

Motor Claims

Within our motor claims supply chain we look at the potential aspects of a motor claim journey including motor repair garages, recovery providers and salvage services. In addition, we also source goods provided to facilitate vehicle repairs, including parts replacement and paint. 

Travel Claims

Our travel claims supply chain is service-based – focusing on cost containment and patient repatriation and based in a variety of locations worldwide to service our Travel insurance policy holders should they require medical care or repatriation whilst travelling.

Indirect Supply Chain

Our indirect supply chain provides us the necessary services to run our business including technology, facilities (catering and cleaning), professional services, marketing, print and recruitment.

Becoming a supplier

DLG has a centralised Procurement & Supply Chain function that operates to the processes established within our Supplier Management and Outsourcing minimum standard. Our processes are designed to ensure we select and manage our suppliers appropriately to support the given service provision and DLGs ESG approach whilst mitigating potential risk exposure to DLG

Our suppliers are segmented based on multiple factors including value, expenditure and risk exposures, and our supporting processes provide a higher level of assurance, oversight and diligence for those suppliers and services segmented at higher levels.

On-boarded suppliers are then subject to assurance activity. Our Supplier Compliance Monitoring team conducts regular field reviews of our actively managed suppliers. This is tailored dependant on the supplier’s alignment to the reporting threshold. In addition, background checking of compliance with contractual clauses also forms part of the assurance scope.

Our expectations of external suppliers

We expect all of our suppliers to comply with the following principles and policies

Ethical code for Suppliers:

T&C’s - Expectations and obligations of our suppliers are included as part of our contractual agreements with suppliers. These will be shared and agreed as part our supplier tendering process.

Standard Purchase Order terms

We encourage suppliers to have an understanding of all DLG policy, reports and statements:

Reports Policies and Statements - Direct Line Group


For general enquiries please contact your Commercial Manager or business contact. [email protected]