Direct Line Group reports its gender pay gap

Direct Line Group reports its gender pay gap and as of April 2018 our median gender pay gap stood at 15.4%. Our median bonus gap figure stood at 36.6%. These figures are broadly comparable to last year and Direct Line Group remains determined to reduce the gender pay gap.  

The pay and bonus gaps reflect the disproportionate representation of women across certain areas and levels of the business. We have been working hard to tackle this throughout the business and have many initiatives across the business. These include raising greater awareness of our engineering graduate programme to drive diversity in an area of our business where we struggle to recruit women, introducing our ‘My Life’ policies which offer flexible parental leave policies and offering female leadership development programmes to help high potential females progress into senior leadership roles.

Penny James, Chief Financial Officer, and CEO-designate at Direct Line Group commented, “Often women won’t naturally push themselves forward and as we progress through our careers, it’s important that we are challenged and supported in equal measure. As a company we recognise that to enable you to fulfil your potential, we need to support you through the different stages of your career. This year we’ve launched several initiatives to give women the best environment to succeed. Our pay and bonus gaps reflect the uneven distribution of women across all levels of the business. It is this talent gap that we are working hard to tackle. I am determined to build on the progress we’ve already made and reduce our gender pay gap. It’s not only the right thing do but it will make for a better and more successful business”.

Direct Line Group will continue to develop the initiatives that we have in place to create an inclusive environment for everyone who works here.  

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