• Mechanics on average identify £275.39 of repairs having conducted an MOT inspection, in addition to the standard £54.85 fee, pushing the total cost to well over £3001
  • All cars more than three years old are legally required to pass an MOT, with government data showing that almost a third (29.21 per cent) initially fail the test.2
  • Green Flag is urging drivers to get their car fixed as soon as a problem arrives, rather than leaving it until the MOT and incurring a big bill.


Drivers are urged to keep their car maintained during the year and budget ahead for the annual MOT with new research from Green Flag, one of the UK’s leading breakdown providers, revealing mechanics on average identify £275.39 worth of repairs needed for a vehicle after conducting an MOT inspection.  

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is an annual review of vehicles three years or older to check their roadworthiness. The test looks at key areas including brakes, lights and windscreen wipers as well as a vehicle’s emissions to ensure it meets the right standards.

The MOT has a maximum legal charge of £54.85 but Green Flag’s research reveals garages recommend repairs for four in every 10 cars following the test. Fixing these issues requires drivers to pay additional costs for labour and spare parts that can take the total cost over £300.

Worn tires (31 per cent) and worn brake disks (22 per cent) are the most frequent issues highlighted during MOTs, costing drivers an average of £149.10 and £190.80 respectively to repair. Other common issues include suspension problems (14 per cent) and faulty windscreen wipers (11 per cent).

Suspension issues cause drivers the biggest financial outlay (£242), followed by mirror faults (£231) and battery faults/replacements (£226).


Table one: Average cost of repairs identified in an MOT

Repairs needed in an MOT

Average cost

Suspension problems


Mirror faults


Battery faults / replacement


Faulty electrical equipment


Worn brake disk / Brake faults


Broken number plate light


Faulty in-car lights


Windscreen chips or cracks


Signal faults / problems


Broken front fog light


Oil leaks


Worn tyres / tyre faults


Brake fluid faults / maintenance


Anti-freeze maintenance


Windscreen wiper faults / repairs


Broken headlights or brake lights






Source: Green Flag 2023

Katie Lomas, Managing Director of Green Flag, commented: “It’s important that drivers expect the unexpected when it comes to an MOT as the final bill may well be bigger than just the standard cost of £54.85. This annual examination may identify unwanted surprises that drivers know nothing about but can also highlight ongoing issues that drivers may wish they had fixed earlier. We’d advise drivers to keep on top of any niggles with their car even if it doesn’t affect the general performance of the vehicle, to avoid issues further down the line and a bigger bill at the MOT.”

Recent government data2 shows that almost a third (29.21 per cent) of cars initially fail their MOT. Not only is it unsafe to drive a vehicle that has failed a test, but drivers can also be fined up to £2,500, get a ban and receive three penalty points. If a car fails its initial MOT, a mechanic will recommend repairs and drivers can retake the MOT, often at a discounted price.

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More information about MOTs is available here.


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Notes to editors:

1 Survey conducted for Green Flag by Opinium of 2,000 UK car owners - 4th - 9th May 2023

2 Data for the year 2021/2 for Classes 3&4 vehicles from GOV.UK

3 This is the average cost of repairs for cars undertaking an MOT, not an average of all costs in the table


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