Direct Line unveils 'Bi-High-Cycle' sculpture to highlight UK cycling incidents reaching new heights

●        ‘Bi-High-Cycle’ Sculpture Created From 45 Salvaged Bikes To Signify the Number of Bikes Stolen in the UK every HOUR

●        Scrap Metal Sculpture Artist Jason Lane Commissioned to Illustrate UK’s Cycle Theft and Accident Crisis

●        Nearly a Fifth of UK Cyclists List Their Bicycle as their Most Important Possession

●        Bike Theft in the UK is Costing Cyclists £34.1m Every Year to Use Alternative Transport

Direct Line has today unveiled a dramatic, oversized bicycle sculpture to highlight the damaging effects bike thefts have on the UK – with victims shelling out an extra £34.1 million on having to use different transport after having their bikes stolen. The piece named, ‘Bi-High-Cycle’, has been created by Bristol-based mechanical sculpture expert, Jason Lane. Made with broken bicycle parts, it is meticulously built to represent the 1,100 bikes that are stolen every day and highlights research that over a third of cyclists (37 per cent) will experience damage to their bike as a result of an accident too.

Despite the high number of thefts and one in 10 (11 per cent) saying they bought a bicycle in 2021, many cyclists are still leaving it to chance as more than half (61 per cent) claim they do not have specialist insurance in place to cover their bikes; yet, nearly a fifth of UK cyclists (19 per cent) list their bicycle (including kit) as their most important possession. Bikes are also among some of the most expensive personal purchases, with 16 per cent admitting to spending a whopping £500 on their bike and accessories, and over a third (39 per cent) admitted to treating themselves to a bicycle for Christmas 2021 – showcasing the importance of having insurance cover in place.

In spite of the significant numbers, 80,000 stolen bikes will go unclaimed for, as 21 per cent of victims say they did not make a claim or had inadequate cover to do so. With theft and accidents so prevalent, research shows that Brits will shell out £80 an average for repairs per accident, with almost three in 10 putting the cost onto credit cards (28 per cent).

Research also details the emotional impact for victims, revealing a staggering nine in every 10 (91 per cent) altering their behaviour after experiencing theft of their bike. Positively however, 23 per cent have since taken out specialist bike insurance for protection following their bike being stolen. It’s noted that over half (53 per cent) of bike theft victims spend two weeks or more without a bike, which leaves them an average of £85 out of pocket as they are required to make alternative methods of transport.

Direct Line looks to pedal the importance of specialist cover, particularly as cycling becomes more intrinsic to daily lives. 

Alison Traboulsi, marketing manager at Direct Line Cycling Insurance says: “Unlike car insurance, when it comes to dealing with bicycle theft or accidents, many cyclists are unprepared for the consequences. Replacing a bicycle, or paying out for liability costs, can be extremely pricey and not something everyone may be in a position to do right away. Theft is revealed as costing UK cyclists £34.1 million each year in alternative travel alone, so there’s a real importance of ensuring cover is in place – especially as cycling usage increases.

“Insight shows over a third of cyclists will need to pay for repairs from accidents, which can carry significant costs through a bike and cyclist’s lifetime. A cost that could be mitigated with the purchase of specialist insurance.

“Direct Line wanted to delve into the real impact of bicycle theft and accidents, beyond the incident itself and what it means for those who have lost or damaged their bike or been subject to personal injury. On average, 45 bikes are stolen every hour in the UK. Cyclists need to consider what protection should be put in place to ensure they’re potentially covered for this.”

Regional stats:

Regional data showcases the differences of where theft and accidents occur. Cyclists in Manchester are the most likely to encounter damage to their bike from an accident (45 per cent), followed closely with London (42 per cent) and Bristol (39 per cent) rounding off the top three.

Table one: Cycling statistics accidents (%)

Audience segmentations





37 per cent

62 per cent

1.3 per cent


42 per cent

56 per cent

2 per cent


33 per cent

66 per cent

1 per cent

City top three


45 per cent

54 per cent

2 per cent


42 per cent

57 per cent

1 per cent


39 per cent

58 per cent

2 per cent

Regions top three

Greater London

44 per cent

56 per cent

<1 per cent

North West

41 per cent

57 per cent

2 per cent

West Midlands

40 per cent

59 per cent

1 per cent

Source: Direct Line Cycling Insurance 2021

Cardiff is, however, the city where you are most likely going to get your bike stolen at a train station, (17 per cent). Whereas, almost half of all bikes stolen in Scotland (50 per cent) occur in and around the home.

Cyclists in Yorkshire and Humber seem to spend the most money on their bikes, with more than a quarter (27 per cent) spending more than £500 on their bike purchase. And it seems that cyclists in the North East are the most financially impacted by bike theft, where nearly a fifth (19 per cent) need to cough up an extra £200 for alternative travel means.

Direct Line’s new specialist standalone Cycling Insurance is available now. Providing comprehensive cover to commuters, leisure seekers and enthusiasts of cycling, wanting to insure themselves, or their bicycles (including e-bikes) and their cycling kit or both.

Table Two: Most popular bike stolen



Mountain Bike

26 per cent

Road Bike

12 per cent

BMX Bike

10 per cent

Source: Direct Line Cycling Insurance 2021

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Research was conducted by Censuswide, with 2,010 respondents aged 16+ in the UK in August 2021. The survey was conducted from a nationally representative sample of UK adults. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

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Notes to Editors

*Red Sands Insurance (Europe) Limited

**Research carried out by Censuswide on 2,010 British Cyclists, August, 2021.

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●        Optional worldwide bicycle cover if taking your bike abroad, including bike box protection 

●        Participation in a cycling race, sportive or organised event. With this optional cover if you can't take part in an event due to a cycling injury, we'll cover your entry fee 

Customers who bought their bicycles new also enjoy a lifetime New-for-Old benefit to cover their bikes on a new replacement basis that is not capped to a limited time period. In addition, the cover also provides public liability and personal injury cover to the rider, which is tailored to the customer with packages suited towards commuters and casual riders, adventurers and cycling enthusiasts. Direct Line’s customers also have the option to be covered while participating in cycling races or sportives; or while travelling abroad with their bicycles.