Almost 60,000 breakdowns expected as UK braces itself for scorching temperatures

  • Green Flag is forecasting over 59,800* breakdowns to occur on UK roads over the weekend and into next week as the hot weather hits
  • Translating to seven breakdowns every minute
  • Hot weather increases chances of water leaks, low oil pressure, rubber belt failure, brake fade, and punctures that can all cause breakdowns
  • Green Flag has released several common-sense tips for driving in hot weather
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The UK is set to bake with soaring temperatures expected across the country, into the weekend and much of next week. With much of the country getting ready for their summer holidays, motorists are set to hit the roads to take advantage of the change in weather.

As a result, breakdown expert Green Flag is predicting over 59,800* breakdowns to occur between Friday 8th and Wednesday 13th July. This translates to a staggering seven breakdowns per minute across the course of the next few days.

Drivers need to be more careful to avoid breakdowns in warmer weather. Higher temperatures increase the probability of cars experiencing water leaks, low oil pressure, rubber belt failure, brake fade, and punctures that can all cause breakdowns.

Mark Newberry, Head of Green Flag, Rescue, commented: “With the temperatures set to increase over the weekend, we expect there will be increased traffic on the roads as Brits take advantage of this glorious weather. However, it’s important to be aware of the effects that heat can have on the car’s key components, as well as the impact it can have on the road itself.

“Green Flag wants to ensure that drivers can enjoy the warm weather by staying safe on the roads. Several of the problems that motorists are likely to encounter are avoidable if drivers ensure that their vehicles are checked thoroughly before setting off on any long journeys."  

To help drivers, reach their destinations safely, Green Flag has released several common-sense tips to stay safe in the hot weather.

Green Flag’s Common-Sense Tips to Reduce Risk of Breakdown in The Heat:

  1. Make sure you check your liquid levels - Before making a long journey make sure you check all the levels on your car. Ensure your oil level is between the minimum and maximum, either above or below could cause damage. Screen washer topped up with water and additive means you can keep your windscreen clear and remove any bugs. As well as this, check your coolant level is between the minimum and maximum as low coolant is the largest reason for engine overheating.
  2. Check your tyres – Check your tyres tread and make sure they all look ok with no bald patches, even on hot days tyres with low tread do not perform as well. Tyre pressure makes sure the tyres are set to the correct levels and if a vehicle is loaded then the tyres pressure may need to set higher (please check owners handbook). The biggest reason for tyres blowing out is due to them overheating and being low in pressure is one of the largest contributing factors.
  3. Don't overload your vehicle - When heading out in hot weather, cars often get overloaded with luggage and other items, but to help avoid breakdowns, drivers should limit the amount they pack. Overloading the car boot means the car has to work harder and will use more fuel.


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Notes to Editors:

*Stats based on internal data weighted to market share.

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