Over 19 million drivers ready to make the switch to electric

  • Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of motorists keen to switch to electric would consider leasing or subscribing to a car
  • Cost effectiveness is the most appealing reason to lease or subscribe to an electric vehicle
  • Over half (56 per cent) of SMEs are considering introducing an Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme in next 12 months  

New research1 from Churchill Expert, the flexible fleet insurance provider, reveals 19.1 million people currently driving internal combustion engine cars would like to make the switch to an electric model.

Of those keen to make the switch, almost two thirds (65 per cent) would consider taking up a lease or car subscription, with 13 per cent having already looked at this option for their next vehicle. Young people (19 per cent) are most likely to have looked at leasing or subscribing to an EV, although those aged 35-54 are most likely to consider this option overall, accounting for 42 per cent of those thinking about it.

As the UK fast approaches the 2030 cut off for new petrol and diesel cars to be sold, another means to access electric vehicles could be via the Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme*. While just 13 per cent2 of small business enterprises offer this already, over two thirds (68 per cent) are considering it, with 56 per cent thinking about introducing it imminently (within the next 12 months). Currently just a quarter (24 per cent) of working motorists are aware of this scheme and only nine per cent participate, but as more businesses have it on their radar, the next year could see a rise in both awareness and uptake.

A third (33 per cent) of drivers said access to this scheme would have a positive effect on how they view their employer, while one in six (17 per cent) would consider switching jobs if a similar company was offering this.  

When it comes to reasons why leasing or subscribing to a car is appealing, cost effectiveness (44 per cent) and the freedom to update more regularly when the range improves (29 per cent) are the driving factors.

Table one: Most appealing aspects of leasing or subscribing to an electric vehicle 

Most appealing aspect of leasing or subscribing to an EV


It will be more cost effective

44 per cent

The range of vehicles is always improving so I want to be able to update my car regularly

29 per cent

To avoid deprecation of car

27 per cent

The technology of electric cars will have improved at the end of the scheme

27 per cent

To test out how good the infrastructure is

27 per cent

Source: Churchill Expert data, 2022

Nicola Richmond, Head of Churchill Expert Flexible Fleet Partnerships, said: “Our research shows people are thinking ahead to how the car industry will look post 2030. It’s good to see people are already doing their research and it is also encouraging that so many are willing to make the switch to electric vehicles.

“We are fortunate to have so many options when it comes to acquiring cars now and motorists can opt to try something out for a longer period, without the commitment of buying it. As the market improves and more models of electric cars become available, it will allow more people the opportunity to take their first steps towards going electric.

“It’s also great to see so many companies have the Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme on their radar, which will assist more people in making the switch to electric sooner rather than later.”


* This is when an employee pays for an electric car each month using their gross salary.

Notes to Editors

1          Research conducted by Opinium amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,002 UK adults between 22nd and 25th March 2022

2          Research conducted by Pure Profile amongst a panel of 100 UK-based SME decision makers, April 2022

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