Watch Out: Today Is The Most Hazardous Day On The Road For Drivers

Drivers should consider their safety more than usual today, as new research shows that the 16th January is the date when most traffic accidents are likely to take place.

The warning comes following new analysis by Privilege Car Insurance, which has found that across the UK, drivers have had an average of 10,075 collisions on this date, every year over the past six years, more than on any other day of the year.

This translates to an average of 420 collisions an hour, or one every 8.6 seconds on January 16th.

January 16th is followed by December 5th, November 30th, January 18th and January 13th as the year’s most treacherous days on the road.

The analysis also found that a hit to the rear is the type of collision most likely to happen today, followed by a single vehicle incident and one with a parked or stationary vehicle. 

The data revealed Fords are the most likely car to be involved in a bump, whilst Vauxhalls and Audis also rank highly.

When asked what caused the collisions, poor concentration (24 per cent), bad weather (20 per cent), poor visibility (20 per cent) and tiredness (10 per cent) were the biggest factors, suggesting drivers need to take more breaks when driving or when conditions deteriorate.

Other reasons include being distracted by a child passenger (nine per cent), speeding (eight per cent) and listening to music too loudly (six per cent).

Worryingly, the data also revealed that 11 per cent of 18-34-year-olds who have caused a collision, did so due to putting on make-up whilst behind the wheel.

The UK’s obsession with eating-on-the-go could also be affecting our safety, as ten per cent of 18-34-year-old drivers blamed eating and drinking while driving for their incidents.

Over 55s appear to be the least focused on the roads, with 30 per cent of drivers who caused a prang blaming poor concentration.

However, this age group are also the most speed aware, causing the lowest number of collisions due to speeding.

Hits to the rear are rife in London, with 81 per cent of drivers involved in knocks where they weren’t at fault reporting this was the cause, compared to just 50 per cent in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Drivers in the East Midlands appear to be the worst on the roads regionally, where 29 per cent of drivers have caused a collision.

Comparatively, drivers from Bristol are the safest in the country with just 45 per cent having been  involved in a scrape on the roads, whilst drivers from Belfast appear to be the most dangerous, with 70 per cent having been involved in a  prang.

Women are the safer driver of the sexes, with a fifth admitting they were to blame for a smash (20 per cent) compared to a quarter of men (25 per cent).

When it comes to parking maneuverers, women also come top, with over three quarters of them (77 per cent) never having caused a collision whilst reversing compared to three fifths of men (59 per cent).

Charlotte Fielding, Head of Privilege Motor Insurance, said: “We know that January can be a tricky time of year for drivers. Difficult weather conditions, fewer daylight hours plus, being back to the grind after Christmas can take its toll, leaving drivers feeling fatigued. 

“We want drivers to stay as safe as possible. A few simple measures can reduce unnecessary stress levels and reduce the risk of collisions. Before you set off, ensure you have left enough time for your journey and if it is an unfamiliar route, programme this into your satnav. If you can, take 15-minute breaks every two hours on longer journeys and keep your distance from the car in front, as this will give you extra time to react.”

Most Hazardous Days for Drivers *

1. 16th January – 10,075 accidents

2. 5th December – 10,013 accidents

3. 30th November – 9,800 accidents

4. 18th January – 9,638 accidents

5. 13th January – 9,388s accidents

Top circumstances for vehicle mishaps on the 16th January:*

1. Hit in rear

2. Single vehicle collision

3. Own vehicle parked/stationary

4. Collision turning / crossing paths

5. Changing lanes

6. Collisions with objects e.g. lampposts, bollards etc

7. Pile up involving two or more cars

8. Roundabout collision

9. Stolen vehicle

10. Damaging another car whilst parking

Car models most likely to be involved in a collision*

1. Ford

2. Vauxhall

3. Audi

4. Volkswagen

5. BMW

6. Peugeot

7. Renault

8. Nissan

9. Mercedes

10. Toyota


Cities with the highest rate of collisions**:

1. Belfast

2. Manchester

3. Cardiff

4. Edinburgh

5. Liverpool

6. Leeds

7. Sheffield

8. London

9. Birmingham

10. Nottingham


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Notes to editors:

*Data based on analysis of Privilege car insurance claims between January 2013 and December 2018. All figures extrapolated based on Privilege’s historic market share to provide an estimate for the total number of collisions in the UK

**Consumer research carried out amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,004 UK adults by Opinium Research from 20th December 2019 to 30th December 2019.

As Fords are the most common vehicle in the UK, this could also influence why they are the most likely car model to be involved in a collision. Figures based on data from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), December 2019.


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