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Brilliant for customers every day


Annual Report 2022

Our mission is to be brilliant for customers every day. Our vision is to create a world where insurance is personal, inclusive and a force for good. Our purpose is to help people carry on with their lives, giving them peace of mind now and in the future.

The Group's financial results fell below expectations in 2022 as we navigated a volatile trading environment, with heightened inflation and severe weather events. In response we are taking action to restore the Group's balance sheet and improve business performance.

Looking ahead we believe that our customer focus, powerful brands and claims expertise can drive long-term value for customers and shareholders.

Brilliant for customers every day

Brilliant for customers every day

Navigating a challenging year

Danuta Gray, Chair of the Board

Navigating a challenging year

We are renewing our determination to leverage our diversified business model and well-recognised brands to trade competitively in our core markets, restore capital strength and focus on providing value for our customers.

Danuta Gray Chair of the Board

Looking ahead to 2023

Jon Greenwood, Acting CEO

Looking ahead to 2023

Despite the setbacks in Motor in 2022, the long-term earnings potential of the Group remains robust. Our diversified business model and fundamental strengths remain a significant asset in the highly competitive UK insurance market.

Jon Greenwood Acting CEO

Our strategy

Our strategy

We're a force for good

We're a force for good

How we create value

We have a number of strengths, from strong brands to rich data and expert claims skills, that are hard to replicate and provide real long-term value.

Diversified model

Our diversified model enables us to generate premiums from a range of brands, products and distribution channels.

Balanced investment portfolio

The premiums we collect from customers are invested in a diversified investment portfolio designed to meet our long-term claims commitments whilst also generating investment returns.

Accident repair centres

We own 22 accident repair centres, the largest network of any insurer, delivering lower repair costs and providing data-led insight, enabling us to react to emerging trends and helping inform pricing.

Claims management

We have a deep specialism in claims handling, including advanced fraud capabilities.

Cost control

We're focused on improving efficiency through greater use of digital processes across the business.

Capital management

We aim to manage capital efficiently and generate long-term sustainable returns for shareholders, while balancing operational, regulatory, rating agency, and policyholder requirements.

Proud of what we've achieved in 2022

Working in our agile model, a number of teams worked collaboratively to launch our Churchill Essentials product.

Bhanu Shekar Gutta, Software Engineer

The Neurodiversity and Disability network has gone from strength to strength this year, supporting our 350+ members with insight sessions and a new parents network.

Molly Welsh, Counter Fraud Intelligence Handler and Neurodiversity & Disability Network Co-lead

It was fantastic to mentor students with our Community Fund and give back to younger people starting on their career journeys.

Timon Pryce, Principal Pricing Analyst Developer

I'm proud to be part of a team that helped us to receive validated Science-Based Targets. Part of our plan involves replacing diesel in our trucks with the sustainable, hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Carrie Loftus, Sustainability Programme Manager