Our Agile Journey

Earlier this year we took the decision to radically change the way we worked and transform our trading and change areas into an Agile business. Agile is a way of working that began in the tech sector to improve the speed that a product went from conception to market. We decided that adopting Agile values, principles, tools and most importantly mindset would allow us to deliver customer value faster. 

When lockdown came in March we chose to press ahead with the transformation as the sudden change to our work and home lives only served to emphasise why our people needed to be empowered to self-organise and create new ways of doing things providing solutions for customers as quickly as possible.

An immense amount of work went into consultation with our people so that we could create an agile model that’s true to DLG. Once we agreed the new mode with our Employee Representative Body we then proceeded to allocate roles and undertake an intensive online training process for over 1000 people. All leading to Monday 2 November when Agile went live.  

Welcoming the moment CEO Penny James said: “In times of unprecedented change most people reach for the pause button because the status quo feels like it’s the best option. By pressing ahead with the move to Agile we did the exact opposite and it’s put us in a much stronger position to respond at speed to changing circumstances.

“The speed at which change has hit this year, shows us that to win in the future you need to be agile, digital and flexible both for your people and your customers. You need to have the ability to create new channels and new products that meet customers’ needs now and allow us to respond better whenever those needs change.”