Darwin's rewriting the rule book

When you’re a small start-up business that does the same thing as your large parent company, it can be hard to make your mark. But that’s exactly what our new insurance brand Darwin has done. This year in August it doubled its customer base in six months and is now celebrating reaching the 100,000 milestone. And what’s more it’s already one of the top 10 highest rated motor insurers in the UK on Trustpilot’*.

The brand launched in April 2019 and started selling Darwin insurance on price comparison websites (PCWs). The proposition was built differently to our other brands as it uses machine learning to offer competitive prices to different types of customers. What makes Darwin truly unique is that it’s constantly changing every minute, every hour and every day. Plus working in an Agile way also means that if someone comes up with an idea today, it can be made live within an hour, while still going through the necessary governance and end-to-end testing process.


Sumit Bahukhandi, Darwin’s Tribe Lead, is proud of what the team has achieved so far:

“In building Darwin, DLG has been bold and has succeeded in setting up a start-up internal competitor that is finding its feet fast – something we are very proud of as a team.

​​​​​​​Some insurtech companies struggle to scale up but we’ve got DLG’s wealth of data and technical knowhow behind us. Darwin’s success is also not just down to machine learning and innovative thinking - it’s about a small group of people being passionate about starting from scratch and running it as their own business. It’s been really exciting being part of it!”

So what is the future of Darwin?  It plans to keep on growing by using technology and machine learning to customise premiums for each individual. And as it already offers customer prices that are broadly in line with the recommendations of the FCA’s Pricing Prices Review, it is ready to take advantage of the changes in the market and win even more customers.