Little Chapters of Chill

Churchill has once again partnered with award winning author, Sue Pickford, and superstar podcast host Giovanna Fletcher to launch two series of children’s audiobooks. The series, “Little Chapters of Chill”, contains books about Churchie, Churchill’s iconic mascot, with each story focussing on a different mindfulness technique for children aged between four and seven. 

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Churchill, who has stepped outside of insurance to create the audiobooks, released the first series of books to help get kids off screens, calm their minds and keep them entertained during lockdown. The series reached number 1 in the Apple Podcast ‘Stories for Kids’ category and, what’s more, it was picked up by schools, councils, libraries and the NHS across the UK, being seen as an essential tool for their health and welfare online resources.  

Due to the overwhelming success of the first series, a second series was created in August, with highly popular TV presenters and fellow mothers Emma Willis and Angellica Bell co-narrating two of the books alongside Giovanna. Focussing on the theme of nature, the newest ‘Little Chapters of Chill’ series has been designed to encourage children to reconnect with the outside world and adjust to another ‘new normal’ following a long lockdown period. The books are all 12 minutes long, which is an ideal time for a young child’s attention span. 

Research by Churchill Home Insurance revealed that keeping children motivated and entertained has proved a challenge during lockdown, with parents hearing their children claiming they are bored just two and three-quarter hours after waking. Less than half of parents (44 per cent) make it past lunchtime before they hear their children complaining of boredom and two million (11 per cent) children are even known to moan to their parents of being bored within an hour of getting out of bed. 

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Giovanna Fletcher, Narrator of the Little Chapters of Chill Audiobooks comments“Like 2020, this year has been a really tricky one to navigate, with new lockdowns, new rules and then learning how to embrace normal life again. As a parent, I’ve seen the uncertainty and confusion affect my children in different ways.

It’s been hard as a parent to know what you can do to help them when you’re also trying to get to grips with the ups and downs of life. The juggle has been more intense than ever before. This second series is a really great way to start a conversation about mindfulness as a family – it’s a campaign I really believe in and one that has helped so many people already, so I’m very excited to bring it to the ears of children of again!”

Sue Pickford, Author of the Little Chapters of Chill Audiobooks comments: “I am so deeply proud of the first series and the impact it had on families during such a tough time, so I was thrilled when Churchill approached me with a second series. Mindfulness and mental health for children is incredibly important, and we, as adults, need to guide them through this period of adjustment. The stories and most importantly the mindfulness techniques with Churchie will help calm children, slow them down, whilst really benefiting the parents too.”

Kirsty Hoad, Head of Marketing, Churchill “Following the success of the first series of Little Chapters of Chill, we knew we wanted to use the platform again this year, but to update it with stories that children can not only relate to but find a sense of escapism with. With the return back to schools imminent, the second series is really timely and hopefully will help smooth the transition back to ‘normal’ life for children – and make it as stress free for parents as possible.”

Little Chapters of Chill - Part 2, are available to listen to for free on the Churchill website and all major streaming services via this link: