Little Chapters of Chill

Churchill has partnered with award winning author, Sue Pickford, and superstar podcast host Giovanna Fletcher to launch a new series of children’s audiobooks. The series, “Little Chapters of Chill”, contains five books about Churchie, Churchill’s iconic mascot, with each story focussing on a different mindfulness technique for children aged between four and seven. The audiobooks are a great way to get kids off screens, calm their minds and keep them entertained whilst many remain at home.



Research by Churchill Home Insurance revealed that keeping children motivated and entertained has proved a challenge recently, with parents hearing their children claiming they are bored just two and three-quarter hours after waking. Less than half of parents (44 per cent) make it past lunchtime before they hear their children complaining of boredom and two million (11 per cent) children are even known to moan to their parents of being bored within an hour of getting out of bed. 

With this the current reality for many, Churchill, who has stepped outside of insurance to create the audiobooks, originally planned to launch these during the summer, bought the release date forward to help families staying safe at home. The books are all 12 minutes long, which is an ideal time for a young child’s attention span. 

Giovanna Fletcher, author and podcast host commented: “With three boys under six, I know how everyday can become a juggling act of epic proportions. Home schooling whilst trying to get work done is not easy. But it’s also important to take a moment to breathe and enjoy being at home together. That’s where mindfulness can help, and that’s why I’m super excited to be narrating Churchill’s new audiobooks, Little Chapters of Chill. Each story includes a mindfulness exercise to help kids – and hopefully parents! – get some more chill time.”

Sue Pickford, author, said: “Mindfulness and meditation are just as important for children as they are for adults, especially now as they have been through a huge amount of disruption to their routines. Taking a few minutes out of a busy day to practice mindfulness, such as breathing techniques and visualisation, can help to slow down the pace of life and be calming.  The audio books I’ve written will really help parents, as they will help children relax and focus on positive thinking.”

It’s a huge challenge working from home while trying to keep children focussed on schoolwork and entertained, so it is no surprise nearly 12 million parents (65 per cent) get less than an hour to themselves each day.  It is even worse for the 2.3 million parents who say they don’t get any time to themselves at all.

Understandably, parents are increasingly looking for ways to grab a few minutes of peace and solitude. Some of the most popular strategies are allowing children to watch more TV (31 per cent) or parents even locking themselves away in the bathroom (26 per cent).  More than a fifth or parents have brought forward their child’s bedtime to create some time for themselves in the evening (17 per cent). 

Jane Morgan, Marketing Manager, Churchill Home Insurance, said: “Parents have been finding lockdown really difficult as they are under pressure to maintain their level of work while also educating and entertaining their children.  At Churchill, we want to do whatever we can to help parents through this time. That’s why we decided to bring the launch of the audiobooks forward. Originally planned for the summer, to help kids chill in the back of cars during long drives, we felt the audiobooks could provide a little bit of peace and calm to both children and parents right now.

Listen now to the free audiobooks by searching ‘Little Chapters of Chill’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, or visit