Building a Superbrand

Dean Keeling joined Direct Line Group two years ago to run Green Flag and to transform it into a challenger that offers customers brilliant value for money. We spoke to Dean about the big ambitions he has for Green Flag to become the number one breakdown brand and the disruptor of the rescue market.

What do you think makes Green Flag so special?

We’ve got a brilliant business that’s got huge potential to grow. We want to win more customers and beat the competition by delivering fantastic benefits for much better value for money. We want to do that by being a dynamic, agile, forward-thinking company that puts our purpose to protect, deliver mobility and be smart at the heart of how we serve our customers every day.

We like to think of ourselves as the Uber of rescue as we don’t have our own fleet of vans but have a brilliant, smart, agile connected network of service providers that is local to our customers. This means when someone needs help, we get the right solution for them and we bring them together. This allows us to be flexible, quick, adaptable and deliver outstanding value for money for our customers.

We’re also up there with Amazon, John Lewis and Apple when it comes to customer satisfaction. We’re an emergency service so it’s vital we’re awesome for our customers every day so we can get them back on the road as quickly as possible.

This all means we’re well on the way to challenge the AA and RAC for more market share, win more customers with fantastic benefits at a much better value and grow our business.

So how quickly can Green Flag get to a customer?

We rescue 2,000 people a day when they breakdown and get to them on average in just over 45 minutes. We’ve been doing that every single day for over 47 years. That means we’re expert at what we do and fix 8 out of 10 breakdowns by the roadside.

Where do you see Green Flag in the future?

We want to take Green Flag to the next level and really turbo charge our business. To do that we’re making a big investment in improving our technology so we’re a mobile first, digitally centric, technology-enabled breakdown brand. This will make our Green Flag app the smarter way to get rescued and easier for people to connect to us when it’s most convenient for them. We know customers want a fast, reliable service and we need to provide them with a fantastic experience every time.

We’ve also got some great partners – we’ve been working with the Caravan and Motorhome Club for over 35 years and their members are very loyal.  We want to continue to provide them with a fantastic service by giving them even more options to suit their individual needs and offer them more benefits. We also want to team up with some of the UK’s best known and respected brands to give us access to markets that wouldn’t be possible with Green Flag and we’re keen to enhance the value we get through these partnerships.

We’re also now looking to provide our customers with even more services at the roadside such as new tyres and the ability to have their car repaired locally. One of the first steps towards this is the opening of our brand new online Green Flag shop, giving customers the opportunity to buy a range of motoring products and services. By building our online presence, we can attract new customers and grow our business – all while providing an awesome experience

What are your top tips for anybody wanting to create a super brand?

We’re really proud that Green Flag has beaten thousands of other brands to be listed as one of 2019’s Superbrands. Everyone who works for Green Flag has played a huge part in this success. It is our culture, our purpose and our values that make us what we are. To be the best you need to have a passion for working together, think differently and a great deal of ambition.

My role is to create a space where people feel they can reach their full potential, be challenged and want to go the extra mile. By having a common sense of purpose people understand how they fit into the bigger picture so they can see the value in what you are doing. You also need people to be relentless about doing things smarter and if you don’t nail it first tome, then take ownership, learn lessons and keep on trying. I want people to share my sense of pride in being part of something special.

What are your words of wisdom for being your best self?

Throughout my career I’ve considered it important to look back and reflect on how much you’re stretching yourself to develop professionally. If you’re not pushing yourself, you won’t reach your full potential. The way in which you apply yourself and your attitude while doing so is a big multiplier of what your potential is going to be. ​

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