This is me - Linzi Mclaren

To celebrate what makes everyone so unique and special at DLG, we spoke to eight of our colleagues to find out what make them - well, them

I am a mum to my son

My son Jack is 10, going on 25. He gives me so much joy! Although what gives him joy is his tech. His birthday is Christmas Eve, so don't ever ask to borrow money from me around that time. And the more into his tech he gets - his games consoles and devices - the more expensive each year is going to be!

He loves the outdoors too. He's with the Cub Scouts, and goes away camping with them some weekends, coming back with loads of washing for me to do. I always miss him when he's away, either camping or staying with my ex-wife. He's a cheeky wee chappie who gets into a little trouble every now and then, but what 10-year-old doesn't?

I am a wife to my wife

Helen and I have known each other for nine years and been together for three. We always joke that she 'poached' me! She must have admired me from afar for a long time because, not long after my ex of 13 years and I had split up, she asked me out for coffee. I had no idea until I got there that it was a date.

We got married in New York, in Central Park, in July two years ago. The sun was shining, and it was honestly the best day of our lives. This year we're going to Paris for our birthdays, which are just a few days apart.

Helen's a great actor, so she gave me lots of tips for looking natural on camera for the 'We are DLG film. She's also great at DIY, which is probably why we're constantly changing things around in the house. We think we're finished, but then we start again. Especially the spare room, that thing is in a constant cycle…

I am content

The last four years have been the most turbulent of my life. Me and my ex-wife split up, my grandparents and mum passed away and I suffered an early miscarriage. But I lived to tell the tale, and I'm grateful for those experiences. They've shaped me and made me into who I am today.

Before all of that happened, I was constantly questioning everything about my life. I was always wondering if I was doing the right thing, or if I could be doing more. I was very reserved and shy, and constantly questioning if what I was doing, and who I was, was enough. But, over the last couple of years, it's evened out. Life is short, after all. I've learned to take the positive from the negative and now always look for the silver lining, no matter what.

It’s not been an easy journey, but I believe that I’m a better person because of these experiences. I've also learned that being content is about being happy with what 'is', and not feeling like I need to do more. I've achieved a real sense of calm and belonging. I feel very fortunate for the life I'm leading, and I'm hopeful for my future.

I am forever learning

I believe when you're not learning, you're not living. Life is one big learning opportunity, and I love nothing more than expanding my knowledge. It really puts a fire in my belly!

I recently completed a COSCA course in counselling, for example, and I'm halfway through completing one in mindfulness too. If I were ever to change careers, I'd train as a psychotherapist. But until that day, which would be many years away, I've been using some of my new skills in my job as a Learning Delivery Trainer.

I truly believe that absolutely anything is possible if you are willing to work hard enough for it.

I am creative

Creativity is my go-to skill, be it writing poetry or mindful colouring. It's my version of 'self-care'. I grew up in a very creative environment, so it comes quite naturally to me. My whole family are very creative – both artistically and musically.

My wife and I have a tradition of making a vision board at the start of every year, which features everything we want to achieve in the coming year. Having your aspirations and dreams in a visual format creates some leverage for getting them ticked off. It's very satisfying. This year, it's all about the spare room and the garden. And some more holidays!

I'm very lucky that my role, which is in training new recruits, is creative. While there is a curriculum to follow, I have a creative license in how it is taught. How people learn is completely up to me.

I love my job and being creative in what I do is a big part of the reason why. I love the freedom. I'm hoping to engage people using my mindfulness training too. In fact, it's such a valuable skill, I'm hoping the whole of DLG will benefit from it one day.

I am DLG

I've been a part of DLG for 15 years and I have absolutely no intention of leaving any time soon. I get along with everyone, right across the organisation, and they've been there for me throughout my journey in all sorts of ways. They're my family, all of them, and I'm proud to work both with them and for the business.

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