This is me - Dan Moxam

To celebrate what makes everyone so unique and special at DLG, we spoke to eight of our colleagues to find out what make them - well, them

I am strong willed

I've been diagnosed with a few different medical conditions. At 31 years old I've been through quite a lot. When I was born, my hip wasn't formed properly which means I walk with a limp. I have since been diagnosed with a muscle condition too which means I can't lift heavy things. I've had a lot of operations for both things, including one where I had some pins taken out while I was awake, just using gas and air!

I don't let any of it get me down. I take it all in my stride, and I won’t let it stop me or even bother me. I'm still one of the lads, I still go to watch football and I still go on lots of holidays with my mates.

Just because I can't do everything doesn't mean I can't do anything. I've been through a lot, but I'm still living the kind of life I've always wanted to lead – I am blessed!

I am a film buff

I'm not just a film buff, I'm a total film geek! I've got a Cineworld card, which means I can see as many films as I want. Last year I saw 69 different films there. I go with friends and family and sometimes alone. It's a great opportunity to enjoy each other's company, or just get some quiet time. I own over 500 DVDs too, all arranged alphabetically.

It's one of the things I love to do. I'll watch all sorts, and with the card I've discovered some really interesting new genres and directors so I’m watching things I wouldn't normally be drawn to. Although my favourite film will always be Die Hard. And yes, it is a Christmas film!

I am a sports fanatic

While I don't let my disability stop me from doing very much, it does stop me from running. This means I can't play the main sport I love: football. But just because I can't play it, doesn't mean I can't follow it! I'm a season ticket holder at Sheffield Wednesday. Me and the lads go to all the home games, and some of the away games too.

I also love American football. I actually went to Miami to watch the Dolphins play an NFL game. They're my adopted American football team, I've seen them play three times now. Miami remains the best holiday I've ever been on.

It's not just about football, either. I'm going to watch the Ashes later this year and I love the odd boxing event – I'll even watch the snooker! I still think Ronnie O'Sullivan is amazing – the greatest sportsman there ever has been. I got all of this from my dad, growing up and watching sports with him. He's a Sheffield United fan though, so there's a bit of a rivalry there.

I am cheeky

I have a bit of a baby-faced innocent look about me, which means I can get away with more than most people could. I love to have a joke around, which is really important in my line of work.

At DLG, I'm a part of the bereavement team. We're a new service, and we basically take care of the insurance-related details for the family when someone has passed away, taking some of the strain away. There are 15 of us here in Doncaster, and we are each having difficult conversations with very upset people every day. And when you're working in that environment, having a laugh whenever you can is vital for getting through the day. You have to make the most of things, and the team is great for that.

I am approachable

I used to be a trainer for new starters and found that people would come to tell me all their issues – including what was going on outside of work! We would have conversations about their home life, their relationship problems, their relatives in hospital, the lot.

People like to open up to me. I'm a good listener, and I'm trustworthy too. I will listen to them and give them advice if I can. Anyone can come and talk to me, I've always got time for them.

I am supportive

With both the training role, and my current position on the bereavement team, being supportive is essential. You've got to be there for the new starters, and you've got to be there for the customers… even if that means working through lunch or staying behind at the end of my shift. If I can make things a little easier for someone, then it's worth it. It means I've done a good job.

I used to work in more of a sales role, and while I certainly could sell, I've always felt more at home in a supportive role. For me, life is all about doing things for other people.

I am DLG

I've been at DLG for 10 years, and I still enjoy coming to work every day. We all support each other. Everyone chips in to make sure no colleague, and no customer is left behind.

This is especially true for the bereavement team. We get two months of training before we start, in counselling and bereavement, as well as additional financial services – things that a normal phone support team wouldn't have to do. The whole thing has brought us very close together.

Now, we are obviously dealing with people who are going through some of the worst times of their lives. I think everyone in the team has cried themselves too. I haven’t cried yet, or had anyone cry on me, but I know my team will be there to support me when that happens.


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