Mental Health Awareness Week

Right now looking after your Mental Health is more important than ever before. At Direct Line Group Mental Health is central to our Wellbeing strategy and we are proud to have 160 Mental Health First Aiders trained to support our people.

This year Mental Health Awareness Week is all about kindness. Kindness can have a big impact on the people receiving kindness but there is a greater sense of wellbeing for those who carry out acts of kindness.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week we spoke to Richard Spinks, an Area Manager in our Network Fulfilment team from Birmingham.

Why did you become a mental health first aider?

Having helped someone who was struggling with mental health in my family, I wanted to learn more and use my experience to be part of the hugely supportive network at DLG.

How do you look after your mental health?

Give back – I raise money for charity by playing in a concert band.

What is one kind thing you did recently?

I am looking after medication, shopping and gardening for my elderly parents.

Have you experienced any acts of kindness?

When I couldn’t reach my parents on the phone, their neighbour went to check that everything was OK.

What are your top tips for staying mentally healthy?

Talk to someone and look after yourself by getting the basics in place. Eat a good balanced diet, keep hydrated, take regular exercise and get enough sleep. These are the most important things. 

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