Mission: Impossible – Graduates raise over £4,000 for Mind

Every year Direct Line Group recruit graduates into a rotational programme that sees them gather a diverse set of skills and experiences to help them understand how the business operates and how this impacts on our customers.

Normally the graduates would be able to learn about the culture of the business, understand the company behaviours and generally get on the ground experience when joining their team. However, as people were forced to go into lockdown early last year, the challenge of how to integrate the new recruits into the business virtually became apparent.

One of the ways this was tackled was with the Graduate Fundarising Challenge. The new cohort of grads were split into three teams and challenged to raise £1500 per team for DLG’s mental health charity MIND. DLG have had a long-standing partnership with MIND. The Challenge was set up to encourage the teams to work collaboratively, thinking about the company behaviours and giving them an opportunity to network with the wider business. 

The teams had a couple of months to come up with an innovative and creative fundraising idea. Each team was given £100 seed investment to help them reach their target and the winning team needed to deliver against a set criteria which was to reach the £1500 target, raise awareness of mental health and incorporate the DLG behaviours into the challenge.

The result was very impressive and collectively the teams raised £4,148 for MIND.

Ideas ranged from walking challenges and photo competitions, but the award went to the team who raised a whopping £3042 with their well-being raffle linked to World Sleep Day. They also developed an Italian cookbook with a range of homemade healthy family recipes which could be downloaded with a £5 donation.




Mark Evans, Managing Director of Marketing & Digital - ‘It was a privilege to be involved to see first-hand how this graduate cohort have applied themselves brilliantly to a challenging and very meaningful task, particularly given how much of a priority mental health has become in recent years at DLG. I know it will have been a fantastic learning experience but more than anything towards being better equipped as future leaders in recognising and managing their own mental health as well as that of others. My congratulations to all the teams for their ideas and energy, and the impact that they have created.’ 

Since 2018 DLG have raised over £415,000 for MIND and last year committed £100,000 to support MIND’s Infoline, in addition to a further £150,000 to their Emergency Appeal, as part of the DLG Community Fund.

You can find out more about the community fund here