Learning while earning

All this week we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and have been speaking to our apprentices within the business about why they decided to join an apprenticeship scheme at Direct Line Group.

Here we speak to Jim Edwards who is a Learning Consultant working towards a Level 3 Learning & Development Practitioner qualification.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I had been looking to complete this as a professional qualification to improve my performance at work but had not been able to secure funding so when I saw it was available as an apprentice, I jumped at the chance to study.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship approach allows me to study in my own time (within reason) and to apply my learning right away. It has also been adapted for fully virtual learning which is my preferred learning method.

Please tell us about a point in your apprenticeship where you’ve felt proud in yourself or your work

I am really proud of how much learning development knowledge I have already been able to gain whilst working at DLG. A lot of the information that we are going through in the apprenticeship is reiterating how well run the companies Learning Development department is.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to develop their career through an apprenticeship?

I would say go for it. It does seem a little daunting to begin with but once you get the hang over working digitally and how to evidence what you have done then it is a breeze. 

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship qualification then click here to find out more and to keep updated on any 2021 apprenticeship vacancies.