Encouraging Women into Auto Services

In our commitment to gender equality in our workplace, we are looking into how we can encourage women into the auto services industry - a sector which is currently a male dominated work environment. Through our apprenticeship scheme we are breaking down barriers so women can join the industry. We run a 3-year Apprenticeship Scheme that gives individuals hands on experience and qualifications and allows them to specialise in one of three specialities, MET (Mechanical Electrical Trim), Paint and Panel.

We spoke to, Annabel Steward, who is an apprentice MET Technician at the DLG auto services in Welwyn Garden City, to see why she chose a career in auto services.

Why did you take on an apprentice role with DLG Auto Services?

I've always been really interested in cars and I always knew I wanted a career that involved working with cars. I felt like an apprenticeship was right for me because it allowed me to be more independent. I could go straight into work and at the same time I’d be training and learning on the job as well as earning my own money.

When looking at careers with cars I came across insurance repair work and when I looked into it, I liked the fact that I’d be working for a big company where there would be lots of opportunity to grow even after your apprenticeship.  

How do you find the study aspect of your apprenticeship?

I have just finished my Level 3 diploma as a MET (Mechanical, Electrical & Trim) Technician, being able to go straight into a role I love and be qualified by the age of 18 is amazing. There's loads of support available throughout your apprenticeship scheme at DLG so even though it can be hard work there's always someone to help.

What does your role involve?

As a MET Technician, when someone makes a claim on their car insurance, it’s my job to get them back on the road. My role is mainly stripping and fitting up cars, it can be anything from exterior damage from an accident or interior damage to the vehicle.

What are the most enjoyable and challenging things about your role?

I really enjoy being able to see the transformation a car can go through during the repair process. The end to end results can be amazing. When a car comes in damaged, knowing that you’ve been responsible for getting it back to the customer and making them happy is really rewarding.

As you can imagine, there are so many different types of cars, so the challenging part is learning about them and how each one works. But, I have a passion for cars so even though it can be hard I really enjoy it

What was your biggest learning?

The day I carried out geometry on my own was a great feeling. Knowing that I had the skills to be able to correctly complete the job on my own. You get a real sense of satisfaction when you can complete jobs on your own after all the training.

What advice would you give someone who is considering an apprenticeship at DLG Auto Services?

Go for it. If you’re enthusiastic and have a passion for what you do then it’s a great company. You get so much support and there a loads of opportunities, if you work hard it will be recognised. 

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

It is so rewarding and such an interesting sector to be in. The industry is constantly changing with new vehicles, new designs and new technology being introduced all the time. It is really cool being able to learn about all the new technology on cars.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I will hold an Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) Senior MET Technician Qualification and be a senior member of the team. I plan to continue to develop my knowledge and skills by gaining further qualifications such as PDR (paintless dent removal).


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