Shaping recruitment in our call centres

I lead a recruitment team responsible for ensuring our contact centres across the country have the right staff. My role involves planning resources, managing business stakeholders and looking at the strategy of volume recruitment. I am constantly looking to implement improvements to the recruitment journey for both the candidate and the business to make it more effective.

I really enjoy the variety within my role and the positivity of everyone across the company. Working alongside a team of people who are promoting our business every day creates a fantastic environment. I interact with so many people and no two days are the same, so I am always learning.

Currently I’m involved in shaping the way we deliver our recruitment in the future and I am looking at video interviewing to replace telephone interviews. The technology is fantastic and it really allows us to move into the digital era. It enables us to engage with a lot of young people who are using technology for all aspects of their lives including applying for jobs.  Using video interviewing will provide a whole new way of engaging future candidates we hope to attract.

I’ve found that being passionate about what you do takes you a long way here. There is a great culture and a strong team of people who are delivering every day to ensure that we remain a successful company.  That makes my role all the more interesting, as we are responsible for growing our fantastic workforce.

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