Introducing Direct Line Group's Sustainability Report 2020

Being a Force for Good for our stakeholders

At the heart of our strategy is our vision to create a world where insurance is personal, inclusive and a force for good.

We are embracing sustainable practices because we believe they create a better corporate culture, more reliable products and greater long-term sustainability for our shareholders.

We are aiming for a triple win:

  • Win for the customer by sharing real value with them;
  • Win for DLG and those invested in its success, our people and our shareholders; and
  • Win for society and the planet because we know that our longterm success is intrinsically linked to the success of the community and the environment around us.

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Do the right thing

Penny James, CEO, updates on progress over the twelve months since the strategy was launched 

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Embracing sustainable practices

Underpinning our vision, purpose and strategy are deeply embedded and fundamental  to how to build a sustainable business

Our Approach

2020 A year like no other

Maximising our impact for all our stakeholders

In order to maximise our impact, we conducted our first in depth Materiality Assessment to evaluate what really matters to our stakeholders and which helped guide our sustainability strategy.

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Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through our sustainability work, we believe we can contribute to 7 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Sustainability pillars

We are embracing sustainable practices because we believe they create a better corporate culture, more reliable products and greater long-term sustainability for our shareholders. And that’s what our five-pillar strategy is there to achieve.


Earn our customers’ trust by demonstrating how we are acting in their best interests

We always seek to understand customer needs, providing real value across our brands and products. To do so requires a deep appreciation of customer expectations, a determination to provide an exceptional insurance experience and a constant desire to innovate.

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Encourage a culture that celebrates difference and empowers people so that they can thrive

We aspire to create a nurturing environment where everyone feels free to be themselves and succeed in their careers. That’s what our values are designed to achieve, and they underpin who we are and what we stand for.

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Use our expertise to improve outcomes for society and the communities we serve

The way we develop our people, give back to our communities and choose what to campaign for, all have a bearing on society and in turn how we remain a force for good. The actions we take are all focused on making a tangible impact which leads to lasting change.

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Protect our business from the impact of climate change and give back more to the planet than we take out

The impact of climate change has far reaching implications for economies and societies around the world. If left unchecked, it will have significant detrimental global impacts and the insurance industry as a whole is not immune. We know that as a General Insurer with over 14 million customers, we have specific risks that we need to protect ourselves against as well as opportunities for us to give back more to the planet than we take out.

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Look to the long term for our stakeholders, build a reputation for high standards of business conduct and a sustainable business

We believe that HOW you do business is just as important as WHAT you do. We aim for good sustainable governance underpinned by our Vision and Purpose and a clear commitment from the top to align sustainability goals across the business. 

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