Net Promoter Scores

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our long-term sustainability is driven by understanding customers’ needs and acting in their best interests. As part of our customer strategy, and to ensure that the business strives to achieve a sustained and competitive level of service, the Board sets challenging customer centric KPIs. These are intended to ensure that remuneration is aligned with and supports continuous improvement.

Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend products or services to others. It is used to gauge customers’ overall experience with a product or service, and customers’ loyalty to a brand. Overall, performance on the customer agenda against our 11 key customer metrics remains very strong, with the Direct Line and Churchill brands performing well in independent customer experience benchmarking studies and good progress on key Net Promoter Score measures and customer journeys.

We understand that customer expectations are continually changing. As a result we continue to strive forward, aim higher and improve what we deliver for our customers. We pride ourselves on continually improving the customer journey through a series of incremental improvements. That is why we have introduced a new customer experience framework, helping us to focus on customers and their needs. 

2013 (12MR) 100 100
2014 (12MR) 110.8 110.3
2015 (12MR) 118.3 109.2
2016 (12MR) 129.1 116.7
2017 (12MR)

2018 (Oct YTD)



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