Diversity and Inclusion is a vital ingredient for us at Direct Line Group. It enables us to build a workplace where we value, respect and embrace different ideas and opinions and allows us to make better decisions.

As one of the largest insurers in the UK we are committed to promoting diversity across the business. We believe that if people feel empowered to speak out, feel valued and are respected irrespective of their racial or ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation, then they can and will bring all of themselves to work.

To celebrate our diversity, we have developed a series of films featuring people from around the business – focused on what makes everyone unique and special at Direct Line Group. In the film, we follow a few of our colleagues, all doing the things that make them – well, them!


First off, we speak to Eric. He works in Information Security and is a grandad who volunteers at local schools and in communities in his spare time. Eric had a kidney transplant nine years ago and here tells us what makes him unique and special and why he still enjoys coming to work each day.

Natasha joined Direct Line Group as a graduate with a maths degree but now works in our Finance team. She loves numbers, is a salsa dancer but is also a sensitive person who finds it difficult from time to time. Read about how Natasha copes with her struggles and why she thinks Direct Line Group is a special place to work.

You will also get to meet Dan. Having been through numerous operations for his hip and muscle condition, Dan is strong willed, cheeky and approachable and he uses his skills in the bereavement team to support others in their time of need.

Linzi is a mum to her son and a wife to her wife. She has been at Direct Line Group for over 15 years. She loves nothing more than learning and recently completed a COSCA course in counselling. She is super creative which is one of the reasons why she loves her job training new recruits for the Group.

This is just the story of a few individuals. The Group is incredibly proud of its Diversity Network Alliance (DNA) which makes diversity and inclusion an everyday reality. DNA stands for everything and everyone. DNA challenges thinking, influences policy and encourages people to work together to create an even more welcoming and diverse organisation.

To find out more about Direct Line Group and careers within the business visit our careers page