Human rights, diversity and inclusion

The Group is committed to fighting discrimination and working towards an environment that is based on meritocracy and inclusion, where everyone can develop their full potential, irrespective of their age, belief, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, political opinion, race, religion or sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Our diversity and inclusion practices are in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Ethical Code for Suppliers requires that all our suppliers adhere to the core International Labour Organisation standards. We support the aims of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and are committed to ensuring that modern slavery is not present in our supply chain. In accordance with the Act, we publish an annual statement on slavery and human trafficking.

Building a diverse and inclusive culture takes multiple initiatives. We remain focused on bringing in new methods to improve our performance, ensuring that all employees take ownership in communicating the importance of inclusive behaviour. 

Our commitment to ensuring equal opportunity is included in our Code of Conduct, and reflected in everything we do, using several initiatives:

  • we have a Diversity & Dignity at Work Policy
  • our senior leaders have Diversity and Inclusion priorities
  • we are signatories to the Women in Finance initiative
  • we have an internal diversity forum called DNA
  • we sponsored This Can Happen, a conference aimed at promoting positive mental health
  • we are members of Outstanding, which gives us mentoring programmes for both LGBT+ and BAME. Giving us access to the same suite of benefits, including programmes, events, thought leadership and advisory services
  • we have signed the Inclusive Behaviours in Insurance Pledge, setting out expected minimum standards of inclusive behaviour. It commits us to speaking up and calling out inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour, even when it is uncomfortable to do so
  • we are building inclusive leadership programmes, including unconscious bias training for all managers to assist them in managing their teams. Senior leadership teams are also setting specific diversity commitments aligned to their function’s needs, including, but not limited to, recruitment and performance decisions
  • last year our recruitment team received training on removing gender biased language when advertising for roles, including how to use tools which identify gender specific wording