Employee engagement

We know that to remain a successful business we must reflect the customers we serve on a daily basis. We are proud of our diversity and actively encourage people to celebrate the different personalities, skills and experiences that make up the Group. It is central to our values and our identity.

It is one of the reasons why we have such an engaged and motivated workforce with 90% of employees taking part in our employee opinion survey this year.

Yet again we saw positive results with an increase in our full engagement score from 78% in 2016 to 81% in 2018 – 36 points higher than when we first ran the survey in 2014. The percentage of employees who are proud to work for the Group also increased from 91% in 2017 to 92%, while 87% tell others that the Group is a great place to work (85% in 2017). 

We have an open culture of dialogue between management and staff at all levels.  This is underpinned by an Employee Representative Body (ERB) which is made up of colleagues elected by their peers to represent their views at divisional and Company-wide level.  All of our employees are also free to join a trade union and we have good relationships with those union representatives with which we come into contact. Our gross turnover rate for 2017 was 16.5%.

The Group runs ‘Idea Lab’ rewarding employees who generate solutions to improve our customers’ experience and make the business more efficient. This has empowered people to think differently and share their creativity.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Giving our drivers tool kits when returning vehicles to customers in case any further minor damage arises on the delivery which can be instantly fixed
  • Extra vehicle checks for our Green Flag business improving efficiency by ensuring a vehicle has a valid MOT and is legally roadworthy
  • Using dedicated social media pages to alert customers to fraud trends