Our ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ strategy guides the Group in meeting its environmental objectives. 

Simple changes have proven successful:

  • Introducing ‘travel free weeks’ has contributed to reducing our CO2 emissions
  • Diverting 100% of office waste from landfill
  • Maintaining our commitment to source 100% of our electricity from renewable sources


All our environmental policies are approved by our Senior Management, including our Chief Operating Officer, Steve Maddock. We also conduct waste audits and compliance audits of all our sites. 


Our new Bristol office, The Core, has given colleagues a variety of new workspaces to support collaboration and flexible working, all in a fully refurbished building half the size of our previous site.

Environmental considerations were central to the design. LED lighting, new chillers, heating, ventilation and an air conditioning system have made the site more energy efficient. The refurbishment has also introduced greater connectivity giving colleagues more opportunity to hot desk and work from home. Run costs are now 55% lower.

The Core is the latest example of how we are looking to shape our technology and workspaces for the future, while meeting our environment objectives. We are proud it has reduced our carbon emissions by 15%.

Environmental Champions

To further entrench the importance of sustainability across the company we have appointed 10 ‘Environmental Champions’ in our core sites.

Working with the Institute for Environmental Management they have received accredited training, increasing their awareness of how sustainability issues affect the workplace. They are using this knowledge to progress, discuss and challenge the company on a range of environmental issues in order to drive change across the Group.

Recycling coffee cups

The popularity of coffee presents a recycling challenge for a company our size.

That’s why we have partnered with a company called Simply Cups which works with companies to help them segregate the plastic film that can make recycling difficult. We have successfully introduced a pilot in our Bromley office where dedicated recycling points are encouraging colleagues to use them throughout the building. Simply Cups collects our cups and sends them to a specialist processor which enables us to recycle 20,000 cups per month. 


In 2017 Group-wide greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions were 17,399 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent ("CO2e"), representing a reduction of 9.9% on 2016. 

Year  ("GHG") emissions
2016 19,315
2015 22,611
2014 27,308
2013 29,127

Emissions are calculated in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and include Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. We targeted a 57% reduction in absolute GHG emissions by 2020 against a 2013 baseline.

Our emissions data has been externally verified by Ecometrica. The Assurance Statement can be found here.

We communicate the details of a carbon management programme through the Carbon Disclosure Project and this year achieved a rating of ‘B’.

Energy use is the main cause of our emissions. In absolute terms, we have reduced our emissions significantly after rationalising and implementing an energy-savings plan across our estate over the last five years. This covered building management, air-conditioning, heating and lighting, for instance. We are targeting a 30% like-for-like reduction in the Group’s energy use by 2020 against a 2013 baseline.

Throughout 2017, 100% of the Group's UK electricity was from renewable sources (renewable energy is delivered via an electricity supply contract backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates).


We continually seek opportunities to improve our systems for managing waste.

In 2017 the Group recycled 72% of its waste (80% in 2016). This year on year fall is due to a significant reduction in paper waste, which is 100% recycled. Excluding paper, the Group recycled 60% of its waste (54% in 2016).

98% of waste, including recycling, is diverted from landfill.

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Group has taken meaningful steps to reduce its carbon emissions. The Group communicates the details of its carbon management programme through the Carbon Disclosure Project. Further details of the Group’s rating can be found here.

ISO 14001 certification

We are also looking at obtaining the ISO 14001 certification in the future, and are taking steps forward by analysing where we are against the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.