Community and Social Committees

We know that participating in fundraising and volunteering is linked to higher engagement levels amongst our people. That’s why we run a network of Community and Social Committees (CSC) across all of our sites which are made up of volunteers. The CSC receive central funding and support so that they can get involved in national appeals and create a bespoke programme of events, activities and fundraising to support the things that matter to everyone in their site.

Our community investment programme works nationally and locally in the specific communities in which we live and operate.

The programme comprises:

  • A small number of national strategic partnerships, selected by the central CSR team either to support our core focus or our broader CSR agenda
  • One Day, our employee volunteering initiative, which allows all employees the opportunity to do a full day each year out of the office either individually or as a team - to volunteer for a charity or a community group day. Our One Day initiative is hugely popular, giving everyone the time to support causes they are personally dedicated to.

    This year several colleagues supported our national charity, Mind, by taking part in a Retail Challenge, where teams competed against each other to raise the most money for the Mind shop they worked in.
  • Payroll Giving, where we match employee donations £ for £ up to £50 per month and Community Cashback, which provides individual grants of £250 to organisations for whom our employees regular volunteer or fundraise

    We believe that our people’s feelings about working for us are linked to our company's reputation in the community they live and work. That’s why we structured our giving programme to align with our people’s interests.

In 2017:

  • £151,000 donated by our people through our payroll giving scheme
  • £104,000 in Group matched giving
  • £66,000 in Group grants for organisations nominated by our people
  • Employee fundraising
    Local community activity is coordinated through our network of Charitable and Social Committees that operate at each of our main office sites.

Please note that we do not support the following:

  • Unsolicited appeals
  • Individuals undertaking their own fundraising
  • Promotion of political or religious beliefs
  • Overseas trips and travel expenses