Churchill has had a makeover!

Founded in 1989, Churchill is one of the UK's leading providers of general insurance, offering car, home, travel and pet insurance cover over the phone and online. And this Autumn we gave Churchie a new look!


A brand-new campaign and rebrand launched on the 4th October and confidently reasserts the brand’s appeal to a modern, busy audience – inviting them to


The original ‘nodding dog’ mascot has been given a full makeover and has been replaced by a completely fresh CGI incarnation of Churchie. As part of the brand relaunch, Churchie is seen effortlessly gliding through life on a skateboard. The campaign conjures feelings of being chill and safe in the knowledge that if you’re covered by Churchie, then there is no need to worry. Should the worst happen, Churchill’s got it covered and he’ll do all the hard work to get things sorted out.

With a new look there is a new personality. The all new, life-like character has been brought to life by the visual artists at Untold Studios, an independent creative studio currently working on ‘The Crown’. 

Untold conducted extensive character exploration before they set out building a fully CGI version of Churchie, from his skeleton all the way to the surface. The result is not only anatomically correct on the surface, but also beneath the skin and delivers a performance that feels realistic, authentic and engaging.

Lucy Brooksbank, Head of Churchill Marketing commented:
‘Our audience has always loved Churchie, but they don’t expect him to stand still. So, with our new relaunch of the brand, Churchill rides on, making life feel that little bit more effortless - as we believe it should do for all our customers allowing them to just... chill.’

Paul Jordan, Executive Creative Director, ENGINE CREATIVE:

“Churchill is one of the nation’s most loved brands. But brand love can slip into overfamiliarity if you’re not careful. ENGINE was determined that no one should take Churchill for granted. So, we’ve given Churchie a complete makeover. Goodbye nodding dog. Hello lean, mean Chill machine.”

The brand new ad premiered during the break in Emmerdale on Friday 4th October, along with Gogglebox a little later in the evening. The campaign will continue to run for a few weeks and can be seen in Cinema’s up and down the country, on Facebook and Twitter.

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