Award-winning Apprentices

Keeping the doors open of our DLG Auto Services repair centres is vital in keeping the UK’s key workers mobile during lockdown. We spoke to award winning apprentice Cameron Holland who shares what it’s like to continue to learn and thrive in our Birmingham repair centre during the pandemic.

What is your role and why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I’ve been a Mechanical, Electrical & Trim (MET for short) apprentice for three years now and I qualified last month so I’m now officially a MET Technician. I chose an apprenticeship because university life didn’t really appeal to me - apart from the nights out that come with it of course! An apprenticeship was perfect because it meant I was able to earn money while learning a new trade.

How did it feel working through lockdown?

To be honest, it didn’t feel that different. We were all doing the same job, just with a lot less people around. Shift patterns were changed to allow us to social distance, so there are only half of us in the workshop at any one time – which did take a while to get used to. We’ve really upped our game when it comes to health and safety, making sure the cars are thoroughly cleaned before being returned to customers safely.

How has the pandemic affected your apprenticeship?

It hasn’t affected it too much. I had already finished the college part of the apprenticeship and my shifts were scheduled so I was working with my mentor, Nemhoy McCooty, so he was always around if I needed any help.

How did it feel to win MET Apprentice of the Year

It felt great! Nemhoy won Mentor of the Year last year so I knew I had a great teacher and it felt like I’d got a head start in the programme. But it’s nice to know my hard work over the years has paid off. This year Thatcham Research hosted an on-line version of its annual Apprentices of the Year ceremony to announce the winners. I received a trophy from Thatcham for being MET Apprentice of the Year and the site manager, Rob, also awarded me with £100 vouchers which I spent on Xbox games – my way of unwinding after a four-day shift.

I’d like to thank everyone in the repair centre for all the help they’ve given me over the years – especially to Nemhoy. There are a couple of other apprentices on site at the moment and I’m eager to repay the favour and offer my support if they need it on their journey.

Proud of our apprenticeship scheme

Success with our DLG Auto Services’ apprenticeship scheme doesn’t stop there as Oliver Morton from East Midlands repair centre also won an award from Thatcham as Paint Apprentice of the Year.


Nigel Scholes, Technical Services Advisor, helps to manage the apprenticeship scheme in DLG Auto services and said: “We’re so proud of all our apprentices and how they’ve continued to thrive throughout these tough times. Oliver and Cameron’s awards were a true testament to how hard they’ve worked over the years and we’re glad their achievements have been recognised, especially given the challenges they’ve faced during lockdown.

“Fourteen of our apprentices have or will be graduating this year – so I just wanted to congratulate them all. Apprentices play a key role in our business and we’re passionate about continuing the programme.”

To find out more about our apprenticeship scheme or to apply click here