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Over the last year the UK experienced some of the worst wind and rain storms in a quarter of a century, leaving many homes damaged and without power.

Before each storm hit, we put our severe weather plans into action, making sure there were extra staff on the phones and on the ground to help our customers. On the day of greatest impact, we received more than double our normal customer call volumes. We also deployed our emergency response vehicle, CHARLIE, to the worst affected areas to help customers on the ground get on with the claims process.

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We have been looking at how we can best use our people on the ground to support our customers when they make a home claim.

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To make access to us more convenient, we are introducing the use of smartphone technology to capture and send claim details while connected to a customer services adviser. The cost of the repairs can then be priced using our home estimation tool, thereby getting the claim moving much faster.

Severe weather response team vehicle
Weather response explained from when the storm hits to damage repair