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New research1 from Direct Line has revealed what Brits expect the car of the future to look like – but instead of flight and subsonic transport, Brits are much more down to earth in their expectations of futuristic motor transport.
The nation’s favourite dog breed, the Labrador, has the scariest bark according to new research from Churchill Home Insurance1. More than a third (36 per cent) of Brits thought the Yellow Labrador had the most frightening dog bark, even though it has a loveable reputation as a family favourite.
New analysis by Direct Line Pet Insurance1 reveals that in the first ten months of 2016, councils seized more than 38,670 dogs – the equivalent of 127 dogs a day. Of those dogs seized so far in 2016, Direct Line can reveal that 11,213 were rehomed (29 per cent) and 1,238 dogs were put down.
With the festive season just around the corner and alcohol consumption set to increase by 40 per cent over the Christmas period*, new research by breakdown cover provider Green Flag reveals that the true heroes this Christmas will be the designated drivers (DDs) across the country.
New research from Churchill Home Insurance1 reveals that British householders leave their homes unoccupied for 51 days each year, working out as 3 hours per day. The ‘loneliest homes’ are in Sheffield, where households leave their homes empty for 60 days throughout the year, followed by London, at 58 days unoccupied each year.
Birmingham is the worst place in the UK for parking, according to a new study by Privilege car insurance.
New research from Direct Line Travel Insurance1 reveals that, on average, 1.3 million2 Brits travel abroad for the festive period each year, collectively spending £1.03 billion3. One in 17 (six per cent) plan to do so this year and will spend, on average, £757.43 per person.
A new survey by Brake, the road safety charity and Direct Line has found that nearly 80% (78%) of drivers think the drink drive limit is too high and more than half (54%) of drivers think the drink drive limit should be reduced to an effective zero tolerance limit of 20mg/100ml.
New research from Direct Line Travel Insurance1 reveals that over a million Brits jet off to ski resorts each year for winter holidays, but don’t ever hit the slopes to ski or snowboard. Nearly £700 million2 is spent annually by travelers who go on winter holidays to enjoy the après ski entertainment.
New research1 from small business insurer, Direct Line for Business, reveals 40 per cent of businesses surveyed who produce Christmas crafts are selling these goods all year round rather than limiting festive sales to the few months prior to December.
Today marks the first National Lollipopper Day to celebrate the amazing Lollipop men and woman across the UK. To coincide with this special day, Churchill Insurance has announced the winners of its inaugural National Lollipopper Awards, honouring the hard working Lollipop men and women keeping children safe on the school run.
A new report1 published today by Direct Line Car Insurance and PACTS (the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) reveals the vulnerability of older pedestrians on the roads. According to the latest road casualty statistics taken from police STATS19 records there are 20 per cent more deaths and serious injuries amongst those aged 60 and over in December compared to the monthly average. Each year on average there are over 16,000 senior pedestrian casualties on UK roads, with 3,275 of these either killed or seriously injured.
New research1 from Direct Line Home Insurance reveals the true extent of our property obsession. Almost one in 10 (eight per cent) Brits state they have been a victim of, or witnessed a crime, but have not reported it to the police for fear it would show up on an online police crime map and devalue their property or make it more difficult to rent.
Local authorities across the UK have issued over 2,099 fines for dog fouling in 2016 to date1, totalling £120,359 according to new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance2. In 2015, at least 4,451 fines were given for dog fouling offences totalling in excess of £247,282.
By the age of 32, you should have already met ‘the one’, moved in together, bought a car and a home, had children, bought a pet, and have taken a gap year, according to new research by Privilege Home insurance.
New analysis1 from small business insurer Direct Line for Business1 reveals apprentices are at greater risk of work-based injury than the average worker.
LONDON – UK insurer Direct Line has partnered with drone experts to create one of the most progressive usages of drones ever; a prototype fleet of flying torch drones that are responsive to an individual’s movements and controlled via a bespoke app.
New research from Direct Line Car Insurance1 reveals that people blame a third of car accidents (32 per cent) on mobile use, showing the risk of driving while distracted by technology.
Green Flag Breakdown service is urging motorists to plan ahead and take extra care when driving, as The Met Office predicts snow across part of Scotland, North, South and West Yorkshire, as well as East Riding Yorkshire and parts on Lincolnshire.
New research from Direct Line Car Insurance1 reveals how much time Brits could save if their car drove itself and no interaction from the human passenger was required. People currently spend an average of 13 days a year driving and as much as two years (2.1 years) during their lifetime2 behind the wheel, with travelling to see friends and family (81 per cent), going on days out (71 per cent), commuting (52 per cent) and doing the school run (18 per cent) being some of the main journeys made.
New research from Churchill Home Insurance1 reveals the severe impact burglary can have on people’s lives and long-term mental health. More than a million2 people who have been burgled in the UK felt so unsafe in the property afterwards that they moved house as a result. Beyond the cost of the burglary, it also cost them thousands in stamp duty, estate agent and conveyancing fees because they no longer felt safe in their own home.
Psychic Sally has partnered with Green Flag for hilarious spoof ad, with results you couldn’t predict.
Almost 200,000 ‘prestige’1 cars in the UK are currently off the road, according to new analysis2 of the UK’s ‘national car parc’3 by Direct Line’s SELECT Premier Insurance.
Eyesight is a key factor in safe driving yet is often overlooked as new analysis from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that the equivalent of nearly a person a day (345)1 is injured in a crash involving a driver with uncorrected or defective eyesight and 64 people were killed or seriously injured in 2015 alone.
As drivers up and down the country prepare to hit the roads for the last half term before the Christmas break, data[i] from national breakdown cover provider Green Flag predicts that battery problems, punctures and engine faults will be the biggest causes of misery for more than 100,000 drivers expected to break down this October half term.
New research from Direct Line Travel Insurance1 reveals that four million British workers2 (13 per cent) do not use all their work holiday allowance every year, either deliberately, or because they do not know many days they are entitled to take off.
New analysis1 by Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that of the 35.3 million licence holders in England and Wales2, an estimated 3.4 million have not disclosed notifiable medical conditions to the DVLA, putting themselves and other road users at risk. Despite the estimated scale of the issue, the insurer found that in 2015 only 64 motorists in England and Wales were convicted and sentenced in court for offences relating to non-disclosure of medical issues3. This represents less than one per cent of all licence holders who have a medical condition but have not declared it.
New research1 by landlord insurer Direct Line for Business reveals that nearly one in three (30 per cent) people who have rented a property in the last five years think it is acceptable to take items that don’t belong to them when they move out. Some of the more popular things tenants have removed from their rental properties have included fridges, freezers, light fittings, televisions and sinks.
The number of protection orders in place across England and Wales, specifically related to dogs, increased by nine per cent in the two years from 2013-2015, according to new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance1. In 2015 there were at least 892 Dog Control Orders instituted by local authorities2 and there has already been 866 orders given out as of 1st June 2016.
New research conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance has revealed that pet owners should take extra precautions walking their dogs this autumn, as tick season has arrived. The findings show that British vets1 see on average, 53 tick-related cases every year, some with severe consequences. Ticks can also be carriers for Lyme disease2, which pose a risk for owners if their pets are left untreated causing flu-like symptoms or even paralysis of facial muscles and even heart failure.
New analysis from business insurer Direct Line for Business1 reveals a plethora of trade talent in the South East, as the region is home to more tradespeople than any other region in the UK.
A new survey by Brake, the road safety charity and Direct Line has found a third of drivers questioned sometimes eat food behind the wheel. Just over a quarter of people (27%) have unwrapped and eaten the food and a third (33%) admit to eating food someone else has unwrapped for them.
New analysis1 by Churchill Car Insurance reveals that luxury car models, including Porsches, Ferraris, Bentleys and Maseratis are being seized by the police. In excess of 22,594 vehicles have been seized in 2016 by police forces in England and Wales because the drivers were not insured or did not have a valid licence.
Researchers commissioned by Privilege insurance have revealed the top 20 secrets behind British consumers’ favourite staples, from the orange juice you drink every day to the shoes on your feet.
New research from Direct Line Home Insurance1 reveals 2.5 million2 Lego blocks have been flushed down the toilet by children aged under 10 years of age. Lego bricks that disappear round toilet U-bends could build a tower four times taller than the current world record2 of 35.05 metres, which was built with an estimated 550,000 of these plastic blocks.
BRITAIN’S streets are full of furious pedestrians with three quarters (77 per cent) of the
nation confessing to regularly experiencing 'pavement rage' due to slow walkers on the high
street, a study has found.
New research1 by Direct Line Landlord Insurance reveals that one in seven renters have broken one or more rules outlined in their tenancy agreement.
New research from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals nearly half (47 per cent) of British holidaymakers’ switch off from work while away, with 10.2 million (32 per cent) taking a welcome break from mobile devices while on holiday.
According to a new study of UK drivers by Privilege car insurance, drivers in Bristol are the rudest in the UK.
Direct Line Pet Insurance has found that pet owners are not properly securing their pets when on the move. New research1 from the insurer reveals over a fifth (22 per cent) of vets2 has witnessed dogs die as a result of injuries sustained when travelling in a car without proper restraint. Yet worryingly, 28 per cent of owners never restrain their dogs when travelling in the car.
New analysis1 by Direct Line for Business Landlord Insurance reveals almost a quarter (24 per cent) of police investigations in 2016 into the illegal abstraction or theft of electricity, has been for its suspected use in the cultivation or manufacture of illegal drugs. Forces have investigated 866 cases where they suspected electricity was being stolen from the grid illegally. Across England and Wales already this year, police forces have investigated 207 cases where it was suspected electricity was being stolen to aid in the production of illegal narcotics.
Women and men will have swapped traditional roles around the home completely by 2068* according to a new report by Privilege Home Insurance, which examined the home life of 2,000 people in the UK.
New analysis from Direct Line for Business1 estimates that Britain’s Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) wrote off a combined £5.8 billion in the last financial year, the equivalent of more than £21,000 every day.
There may be many things that mothers-in-law know best about, but it appears that how to be a conscientious car passenger is not one of them. New research from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that over a quarter (26 per cent) of drivers have been distracted by their mothers-in-law while driving.
Green Flag launches state of the art telematics plug-in unit, Green Flag Alert Me, to reduce drivers' chance of breaking down and save thousands of hours at the roadside
New research from Churchill Home Insurance reveals half of parents1 with children aged under 14 allows them to drink alcohol at home despite guidance from the Chief Medical Officer that they shouldn't do so until they're at least 15 years old and even then rarely and never more than once a week. More than one in ten (11 per cent) parents with children aged five to seven allows them to drink alcohol in the home, while some even let them drink every day.
Due to booming bar prices abroad, a family of four can now travel to Europe for less than the cost of the beverages they will drink during their stay, according to new research1 by Direct Line Travel Insurance.
During warm weather, it is essential that pets are kept hydrated; however a staggering 88 per cent of British dog owners said that they have been denied water for their animal when visiting a pub, cafe or restaurant, according to new research1 by Direct Line Pet Insurance.
More than £250 million1 worth of online shopping is estimated to have gone missing, or not been delivered to avid shoppers in the UK, in the last year reveals new research from Direct Line Home Insurance2. Despite the majority (89 per cent) of UK adults now shopping online, more than 18 million people3 (41 per cent) have had packages go missing or undelivered, in the last five years, worth an average £68 per package.
New research1 from Churchill Car Insurance reveals that nearly 12 million (31 per cent) drivers have parked in spaces where they are not eligible to park, in the last 12 months. The most common prohibited places people park are on double yellow (eight per cent) and single yellow lines (seven per cent).
New research by Privilege Home Insurance has revealed that 92 per cent of UK estate agents claim having a bad neighbour has a serious negative impact on the value of the houses around them and what buyers are prepared to pay.
New analysis1 by landlord insurer Direct Line for Business has revealed West Midlands Police seized more than 54,700 plants in 2014/2015.
Over seven million UK homeowners1 have taken a serious financial risk by choosing not to have a survey completed on their current property, reveals new research from Churchill Home Insurance2. This includes 3.5 million people who did not have any type of independent checks completed and 3.6 million who assumed a mortgage valuation was sufficient.
British dogs are increasingly well travelled, with one-in-10 (10 per cent) owners taking their pet abroad, according to new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance1. Over a third (38 per cent) of British vets have reported an increase in demand for pet passports over the last 12 months, handing out an average 26 dog passports and an average six cat passports in the last 12 months2.
A new report out today from Privilege Car Insurance, has revealed the toughest and easiest parts of the UK to take the driving test.
New research1 from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals that British holidaymakers are choosing to holiday closer to home, with over 24 million2 Brits planning a ‘staycation’ in the next twelve months.
New analysis from Direct Line for Business1 reveals that over 1.3 million Brits dream of starting their own business in the next twelve months. Interestingly, the type of businesses we’d like to start shows more people are choosing to follow their hearts and launch bakeries, cafés and craft shops.
The latest research1 from Churchill home insurance has found that almost one in five (17 per cent) believe they own jewellery that could be considered vintage or antique. What is concerning is that, of those that own vintage or antique jewellery, more than double (41 per cent) say these items are not accounted for on their home insurance policy. Churchill home insurance strongly advises home owners to take the time to get these items valued and included on their policy to reduce the risk of being underinsured.
Direct Line Pet Insurance1 can reveal millions of cats are at risk of life threatening illnesses as a result of being overfed and not doing enough physical activity. Over two fifths (42 per cent) of the nation’s cats are overweight. Direct Line Pet Insurance is urging responsible pet ownership as more than a quarter (26 per cent) of vets surveyed said that more than half of the cats they treat are now overweight.
Motor insurance specialist, Churchill Insurance, sent TV presenter and father-of-two, Jeff Brazier, back to school to find out just what it takes to be a Lollipopper.

Brazier was shown the ropes during the busy morning school run at St Mary’s Primary, to raise awareness of Churchill’s nationwide campaign to put 50 Lollipop men and women back to the streets of Britain.
Steph and Dom Parker are about to join forces with Green Flag in a bid to get Brits off the beaten track and explore Europe from behind the wheel. This week, they've been exploring their outdoor skills…
New research1 from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that over 14 million (29 per cent) Brits suffer from car amnesia, admitting they forgot where they parked their vehicle in the last 12 months. On average we spend 25 minutes looking for our vehicles, with male drivers searching the longest (32 minutes) in comparison to their female counterparts (20 minutes)2. Over the course of a lifetime this means that forgetful Brits can spend almost three days trying to find their misplaced motors3.
New analysis1 from Churchill Car Insurance reveals the East of London comes top in the list of the UK’s uninsured vehicle hotspots. The research shows that 13.4 per cent of vehicles in this area have no insurance. This means that if a motorist was involved in an accident with a car in this area there is a one in eight chance the other vehicle would not be insured.
Despite Brits being world-beaters at waiting in an orderly line, at Wimbledon, the average six-hour wait sitting on the grounds of Wimbledon Park before entering the grounds can provide a real pain in the backside.
Experts have teamed up with Privilege Home Insurance to reveal the formula for holding the perfect party, including the optimum time guests should arrive, the ideal number of drinks to serve each person and the personality types that should be present.
Millions of Brits could be at risk of household damage from escaping water due to a lack of knowledge about their stopcock. Despite it being the main water control in homes, almost seven million people in the UK have no idea what a stopcock is and 25 per cent have never tried to locate it according to new research by Direct Line Home Insurance2.
New research1 from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that wedding guests consume an average of 14.82 units1 each while celebrating, exceeding the recommended unit guidelines for weekly consumption in a single day. While Government guidance states that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, unit guidelines2 recommend that men and women do not regularly drink more than 14 units per week. People underestimate the alcohol units they consume at a wedding by 46 per cent3, guessing that they only drink an average of 8.3 units.
With the continued fuel shortages in France, Green Flag Breakdown has revealed it is responding to a 21 per cent increase in calls related breakdowns, as British travellers’ tanks are running dry.
British renters spend an average of 18 months1 in a rented property before moving on, according to new research by landlord insurance provider Direct Line for Business.
New research1 from Direct Line Home Insurance reveals the ‘plumber premium’ if you need a tradesperson to fix a leak in an emergency. Plumbers with an emergency call out rate inflate their usual hourly rate by on average of 117 per cent with some plumbers quoting up to £300+VAT an hour to tackle an emergency situation. This is just the cost for the labour; householders would find their bill even higher when parts and materials are included. Escape of water requires a quick response, as a burst pipe can result in 30 gallons of water escaping in as little as two minutes.
Over seven million (7.2 million) UK adults have been forced to move back in with their parents following a break up, divorce or separation reveals new research from Churchill Home Insurance1. These ‘doomerangers’ make up 14 per cent of the adult population, as rising rent and mortgage costs mean many adults cannot afford to pay for separate accommodation as a single person following a break up.
New analysis of claims data by SELECT Premier Insurance from Direct Line, reveals that a single lightning bolt could cause more than £45,000 of damage to a property within seconds.
New research out today by breakdown cover provider Green Flag reveals almost one in five (17 per cent) drivers in London break down after failing to attend to warning lights on their dashboard.
New research1 from Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals the scale of dental problems amongst British dogs. Vets are treating an average of 11 cases involving tooth and gum disease every week, with one in six (16 per cent) seeing 20 or more cases.
According to new research by Churchill Insurance, Brits aren’t on the ball when it comes to making plans for this summer’s EUROs.
New research by leading small business insurance provider Direct Line for Business1 reveals that SME owners could be losing out on vital income because they are not fully aware of business tax reliefs and the potential government allowances available for them to claim.
New research1 from Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals that 2.3 million2 British pet owners obtained their dogs as practice for parenthood. These “practice children” were seen by their owners as developing the next stage of their relationship with their partner or as preparation for having a child of their own.
New research1 from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals British holidaymakers are unaware of the amount of alcohol and cigarettes they can bring into the UK. Only a quarter (27 per cent) of Brits claims to know what they can bring back into the UK when returning from holiday.
A new innovative experiment1 commissioned by Direct Line Home Insurance reveals that men are proving “it’s good to talk,” spending more time chatting on the phone than women. Men spend 66 per cent longer talking on their phone than women – equivalent to 10 minutes more each day.
A new survey by Privilege Insurance has revealed that 6.6 million people in Britain have fallen victim to internet scams and online fraud in the last year alone.
New research1 from Churchill Car Insurance exposes the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality of UK motorists. More than half (57 per cent) of drivers admit they behave differently when behind the wheel, acting more aggressively than they would normally. Churchill compared displays of aggression on the road with those in person and found that while 31 per cent have sworn at strangers in the car, only 12 per cent have done so face-to-face. While 26 per cent of motorists have shouted at others while driving, less than half (12 per cent) of that amount have done so in person.
Direct Line has launched Emergency Plumber as standard with Direct Line Home Plus. The service will ensure a plumber attends a customer’s property within three hours to address unstoppable leaks, following an incident such as a burst pipe. The commitment to a plumber arriving in such a short time frame is a first for the industry.
A new survey on social media habits by Privilege Home Insurance has revealed that 6.9 million UK adults (the equivalent to one in five social media users) feel depressed when they see their friends’ lives on social media. From seeing their friends out enjoying themselves when they are in and have nothing better to do, to seeing someone they feel is doing better than them in the ‘game of life’.
Éau Yes is a fragrance that will insure you smell good, because each bottle comes with smell insurance. What’s smell insurance? Well, when you spray Éau Yes you know you’re covered; to smell good and get compliments all day. And if you don’t receive a satisfactory number of compliments on your smell, Churchill will pay you those compliments back!
New research from Churchill Car Insurance1 reveals that motorists think they can talk their way out of being prosecuted by the police for driving uninsured. Research amongst recently retired traffic officers indicates that many drivers believe they can get away with not having cover by providing an excuse, but the police have heard it all.
Two million households will experience a DIY disaster this Bank Holiday weekend, as people dust off their to-do lists and get set to spend an average of five and a half hours each on DIY, according to new research from Privilege Insurance.
University linguistics lecturers have revealed a list of the 30 most obscure phrases in the English language.
New research by Landlord insurance provider, Direct Line for Business1, reveals property service charges are rising rapidly with a third (33 per cent) of management companies increasing these fees in the last two years.

Falling fuel prices across the UK could soon come to an end, as oil prices mount and questions over fuel excise duty rises loom ahead of this week's budget announcement. According to recent research by national breakdown cover provider Green Flag, a rise in fuel will dramatically affect British drivers.
Millions of Brits are leaving their prized possessions exposed by failing to recognise the value of their of their home’s contents, according to new research from Direct Line Home Insurance2.
New research from Direct Line Pet Insurance1 reveals the risk of death by chocolate. The majority (89 per cent) of vets have treated cases in the last 12 months involving dogs being given human food which is bad for their health. The risk of pet death by chocolate has been emphasised as 99 per cent of vets report chocolate as the most common human food causing illness among dogs.
New figures1 from Direct Line Home Insurance reveal the true extent of the nation’s property obsession as 63 per cent of all Brits admit to ‘window shopping’ online for homes that they have no intention of purchasing.
Rhianna famously offered the chance to “stand under my umbrella, now that it’s raining more than ever,” well if you are sheltering under a brolly in the UK there is every chance it has been stolen. New research from Churchill Insurance reveals that 11 per cent of people admit to having stolen an umbrella from a colleague, friend or stranger in the last year, with one-in-twenty admitting to stealing two or more.
New research1 from Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals British dog owners have collectively spent over £1 billion on accessories for their dogs in the past 12 months. Excluding essential items like food and veterinary treatment, Brits spent an average of £76.13 per dog on so called ‘petcessories’ in the last year.
The survey by Brake, the road safety charity and Direct Line, reveals a shocking one in 14 drivers (7%) admit they drive after having taken drugs at least once a month.
Research, conducted by breakdown experts Green Flag during the cold weather snap in which Brits are most likely to experience flat batteries, reveals Brits' biggest stress causes as well as de-stressors. The research was accompanied by a one-off service whereby customers who broke down were able to recharge their batteries with fluffy friends while Green Flag repaired their cars. The four legged friends were brought in following the results which revealed that pets relax us more than our friends, bubble baths, food and films.
New research by landlord insurance provider Direct Line for Business reveals that one in six (17 per cent) tenants in the UK admits to having rented out part or all of their property to someone who isn’t on the lease agreement. A quarter (25 per cent) of tenants who sub-let their property didn’t check the terms of their lease to see if it was permitted, while over a third (34 per cent) had not informed their landlord of the decision.
A new study1 commissioned by Direct Line Home Insurance reveals that despite estate agents and property experts espousing the benefits of a south facing garden, this is not reflected in the asking price. Analysis of property asking prices reveals homes with south facing gardens carry a mere 0.37 per cent premium compared to properties with north facing gardens.
New analysis1 by Churchill Car Insurance reveals at least one child a week was prosecuted for dangerous driving in 20151, with at least 66 minors convicted. Children under the age of 17 despite not legally old enough to even apply for their driving licence have also been successfully prosecuted for drink and drug driving. In 2015, at least 12 children were convicted of DR10, ‘driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above the permitted limit,’ offences and four were prosecuted for a DR30 ‘driving or attempting to drive then failing to supply a specimen for analysis.’
New research from Direct Line Home Insurance reveals that 43 per cent of parents do not trust their children when left alone in the house. Mothers are more distrusting than fathers. When asked whether they trust their child home alone, almost half (46 per cent) of mums said no, opposed to just over a third (36 per cent) of dads.
New research from Churchill Insurance reveals that nine in ten (88 per cent) of British dog owners1 limit walkies time if it is wet outside. Given the British weather, many dogs are missing out on much needed exercise as one in six (16 per cent) would be put off by just a light drizzle. A fifth of British dog owners (20 per cent) avoid walking their dogs in the rain altogether, only taking them outside when they need to go to the toilet.
Direct line
New research2 from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals almost three in ten (28 per cent) older motorists have medical conditions such as visual impairments, diabetes, heart conditions or epilepsy that must be disclosed to the DVLA. Despite this, almost half (49 per cent) have failed to tell the DVLA about their condition.

Direct line
A new survey from Brake, the road safety charity, and Direct Line has revealed one in five drivers have risked driving the “morning after” a night of heavy drinking, when they may still be over the limit. Almost one in ten (nine per cent) do it at least once a month and one in 20 (five per cent) take the risk on a weekly basis.
direct line for business
New analysis by Van Insurance provider Direct Line for Business1 reveals ‘green’ vans represent just 0.01 per cent of the light goods vehicles on the road2. Of the 3.4 million licensed light goods vehicles in the UK, just 4,534 are licensed ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) with a CO2 emission below 75g/km.
New analysis1 by Churchill Car Insurance reveals an estimated £75.6 million2 was spent on the implementation and maintenance of traffic calming measures3 in the UK during 20144. These include the use of self-enforcing speed reduction measures such as road humps, mini roundabouts, chicanes, central islands and reduced speed limits.
Direct line
A new study1 commissioned by Direct Line Home Insurance reveals Brits touch their smartphones on average every four minutes, spending 2 hours and 9 minutes a day using these devices.
Police solved 12.2 per1 cent of burglary crimes in England and Wales in the year ending March 2014 but there was significant variation between forces, according to new analysis from Churchill Home Insurance.
Direct line
New research1 from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that more than a quarter (28 per cent) of drivers over the age of 65, equal to around 2.1 million motorists, are in the dark when it comes to the validity of their licence – unaware of the legal obligation to renew it every three years from the age of 70.
New research by Landlord insurance provider, Direct Line for Business1 reveals more than half (55 per cent) of new buy-to-let mortgage applicants are unaware of the mortgage tax relief changes, with accidental landlords the least likely to be aware of these new regulations.
Direct line
New research1 from Direct Line DrivePlus has revealed that the North East has the best drivers in the UK. The analysis of Direct Line car insurance policyholders with DrivePlus, which provides motorists with feedback on their driving behaviour, saw drivers in the North East finish top when scored on safety elements such as speed, smooth acceleration and braking.
New research from Direct Line’s SELECT Premier Insurance reveals developers are charging an average of five per cent1 of a new property’s purchase price for an accompanying parking space2. A parking bay to accompany a new build property in London’s Battersea was being sold for £65,000, a staggering 13 per cent of the property’s £500,000 listed purchase price.
Direct line
New research1 from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that over one in three (37 per cent) of those who’ve owned more than one car in their life, say they fell in love with their first car. Whether it was called Betsy, Barney, Bobby or Bertie, a sixth (13 per cent) of Brits gave their first car a name.
Direct line
New research1 from Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals half (49 per cent) of those whose pet dog passed away, took time off work to mourn their loss. A third (35 per cent) of those who have taken time off as a result of their dog passing away, took just one day off work to deal with their grief, while an additional 29 per cent took two days off.
Direct line
New analysis1 from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals drivers in England and Wales clocked up 28 million fixed penalty notices (FPNs) in a 10 year period for motoring offences. Many of these penalties were easily avoidable; 2,030,100 motorists received a fine for the most basic of driver fails, not wearing a seatbelt.
Direct line
New research commissioned by Direct Line Home Insurance identifying the latest interior designer trends reveals that 2016 is going to be the year of pattern, texture and colour in people’s homes.
Britain is a nation of late night wallet worriers with two in five (41 per cent) of respondents who struggle to sleep at night, claiming to worry about finances. Men are more likely to allow work-related stress to interfere with their sleep-life balance (34 per cent vs. 27 per cent of women) while women are more likely to worry about their children (29 per cent vs. 13 per cent of men).
Direct line
A new survey released today, (January 11th 2016 ) carried out on behalf of Brake and Direct Line, reveals 71 per cent of drivers questioned do not know how much longer it will take their vehicle to stop in icy conditions. This means they could be putting other road users, and themselves, at risk by under-estimating the distance.

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