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Dividend information

Dividend policy

The Group aims to generate long-term sustainable value for shareholders, while balancing operational, regulatory, rating agency and policyholder requirements. The Board has a progressive dividend policy for the Company which aims to increase the dividend annually in real terms to reflect the Company's cash flow generation and long-term earnings potential.

The Group expects that one-third of the annual dividend is generally paid in the third quarter as an interim dividend, and two-thirds paid as a final dividend in the second quarter of the following year. The Board may revise the dividend policy from time to time.

For Full Year 2015

The Company paid a special interim dividend of 27.5 pence per share in July 2015 which represented substantially all of the net proceeds from the sale of the International division. The Company paid an interim dividend of 4.6 pence per share in September 2015 and a final dividend of 9.2 pence per share in May 2016, representing a growth of 4.5% over the 2014 regular dividend. In addition, a second special interim dividend of 8.8 pence per share was paid to shareholders in May 2016.

Dividend payments
Dividend Amount Payment Date
2016 Special Interim Dividend 10.0p 9 September 2016
2016 Interim Dividend 4.9p 9 September 2016
2015 Second Special Interim Dividend 8.8p 19 May 2016
2015 Final Dividend 9.2p 19 May 2016
2015 Interim Dividend 4.6p 11 September 2015
2015 Special Dividend 27.5p 24 July 2015
2014 Second Special Interim Dividend 4.0p 17 April 2015
2014 'Final' Dividend* 8.8p 17 April 2015
2014 First Special Interim Dividend 10.0p 12 September 2014
2014 Interim Dividend 4.4p 12 September 2014
2013 Final Dividend 8.4p 20 May 2014
2013 Second Special Interim Dividend 4.0p 20 May 2014
2013 First Special Interim Dividend 4.0p 31 December 2013
2013 Interim Dividend 4.2p 26 September 2013
2012 Final Dividend 8.0p 11 June 2013

* For 2014, the Board resolved to pay an interim dividend in lieu of a final dividend.

For further information on dividends, please refer to the FAQs section.

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