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Our values

Prior to the launch of our new brand we gave colleagues from across the business the chance to shape our new values to help us achieve our goal of becoming Britain’s best retail general insurer.

The below was the result. These business values are more than just a set of ideas about the way we like to work – they're central to every action we take.

Do the right thing - For our people, our customers, our shareholders and our wider stakeholders; make decisions based on what is right, not what is easy; demonstrate personal and professional integrity; do what’s right for the long term sustainability of our business.

Aim higher - Strive to be the best in every area of the business; be ambitious, courageous and innovative; relentlessly challenge and improve; seek and embrace change; learn from our mistakes; persevere, always deliver our promises and don’t settle for second best.

Work together - Collaborate across all levels and across all functions; leverage the skills, knowledge and experience, irrespective of hierarchy, to deliver the best possible results; develop relationships based upon trusting each other, partnerships and win-wins; recognise and celebrate success.

Take ownership - Treat it like it’s OUR business; take the initiative, if you can see a better way, go make a difference; take decisions, be accountable for your actions in whatever role you carry out; take responsibility for your own personal development and performance.

Say it like it is - Be real, authentic and true to self; have adult to adult conversations with all audiences; listen, seek to understand and respect diversity of views; be open, call out issues we see; share information and keep things as simple as possible.

Bring all of yourself to work - Be the best you can be, the real and whole you; celebrate our diversity of skills, experiences and personalities; be a role model to others, demonstrate “can do” spirit, have fun and make this a great place to be; be excited about our company and our future; believe in yourself, feel confident and empowered.

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